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Acting Tips for Beginners

Whether it was your favourite actor, a childhood visit to the theatre, or your participation in a school play that led to it, you fell in love with the art of acting. The bug has well-and-truly bitten you, and you’re eager to develop your talent and become a professional actor – maybe even a famous one. 

At the same time, you know that just waiting for a big break isn’t going to get you anywhere and you’re ready to take some tips on board. Check out our top acting tips for beginners and set your feet on the path towards success. 

Learn From the Best

Natural talent is great, but you can develop it with help from the experts. Training and certifications show that you’re taking your acting career seriously. As the saying goes, “Success is 10 percent inspiration, 90 percent perspiration.” Demonstrating that you’re willing to work at mastering your art tells casting directors that you’re serious about your career.

Acting schools don’t just teach you how to make the best of your talent. They also help you to build your network. But full-blown qualifications aren’t a must-have. If you can’t afford acting school, or are looking to gain even more acting credentials, look out for acting classes and workshops.

There are also books about acting that can give you important pointers – and be sure to spend time watching top actors at work. Simply observing them with an eye to analysing and implementing their techniques can teach you a lot. 

Master Your Voice and Body-Language

As an actor, your body (including facial expressions) and voice are the media through which you convey moods and messages to an audience. Learn to master the expressive potential of voice and body without appearing self-conscious, and you’ll have what it takes to become an actor. 

Classes are a big help, but you can also self-train. For example, you might look for voice acting tips and try them out for yourself.  

In its simplest form, you can practise with nothing else but you and your mirror. Or try making videos of yourself and evaluating them with an unbiased eye. 

Audition Whenever You Can

Being a regular at auditions could be almost as important to your acting career as landing roles. If you’re well-prepared and professional, you’ll make a positive impression, even if you aren’t among the actors cast for roles. 

With every good audition performance, you’ll improve your chances of becoming a cast member. Casting directors will get to know you. The time may come when they have a role that’s perfect for you and are waiting for your audition to see what you’ll make of it. 

Accept Any Role You Can Get

It’s extremely rare for an inexperienced actor to be selected for a prominent role in a major production. Sure, you’d like to be a star, but if you can be an extra, you can still gain experience, exposure, and learn a thing or two about acting. 

Advertising? Voice acting? Amateur productions and acting clubs? Any of these could be the foot in the door that contributes to you being recognised as an actor worth noticing. At the very least, they offer opportunities to learn and gain experience. Plus, they can help flesh out your resume

Give Your Imagination Free Reign

It takes imagination to be a good actor. Regardless of whether you subscribe to a particular method or set of techniques, being able to imagine yourself as the character you portray contributes to a realistic performance. 

Scripts will offer hints, but you’ll need to interpret them. For example, what would your character in a story be thinking? What motivates them? How do they feel about the things that are happening around them and the characters they interact with? Your performance should communicate all these things, even if you haven’t said a single word. 

Accept Input and Adapt

No matter how convinced you are that you’ve nailed it, be ready to listen, evaluate, and adapt. For example, there will be times when a director sees a role differently from you. Although you may have spent a great deal of time and effort on interpreting your role, you may need to accept the input, rethink, and adapt. 

Be Resilient

So, agents turned you down. You’ve drawn a blank at multiple auditions. Or, your director delivered some scathing comments during a rehearsal. Perhaps you had to run a gauntlet of critique in reviews of your show. 

If you’re going to let this turn you into a trembling lump of mush, acting is not for you. It’s tough out there. Accept that you can’t win them all, look for lessons to learn and areas for improvement, and rattle back in with all your might. If you can do this, you have the makings of a professional actor. 

Know Yourself; Like Yourself

Confidence is key. In the words of BAFTA and Oscar award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, “One thing I’ve learned is be comfortable in your skin, and more importantly, be comfortable in your shoes.” 

It’s a balance, and finding it will be important to any acting career. Be humble enough to learn, yet confident enough to know who you are and love it – no matter what. 

Be Part of a Community of Actors

In auditions, they’re your competitors. In productions, they’re your colleagues. When you watch their performances, they inspire you. In your free time, they’re your friends and you can pick up tips for acting just by chatting with them. Is this really one of our acting tips? It certainly is! Here’s why. 

A community that shares your interests helps you to grow and develop – and you might even be granted extra opportunities through your contacts. Most important of all, your community of fellow-actors understands you: your hopes, your dreams, and the journey you’re undertaking. 

Have a Plan For When you’re Between Roles

Perhaps, a time will come when every agent wants you on their books, every director wants you in their productions, and you’re fully booked all the time. But, for most actors, the reality is that roles, even starring ones, alternate between downtime. 

Stay productive with RSVP. Endorsed by the UK Actors’ Guild, our flexible work model allows you to earn money when you’re between roles while offering you the support and flexibility you need to pursue your acting career. Looking for familiar faces? You may see them in the video we linked above. 

Do you have what it takes to become one of our superstars? Visit our careers page to find out how to win your place on our team. We value you and your acting career – and our clients value your acting skills. Join our team today. 

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