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Proof of Concept Testing Services

Concept Testing for New Products or Services

Got a great idea on paper for a new product or service but not sure how well it might work in the real world?

Then RSVP can help with our proof of concept testing service for new products or services.. We're pleased that many of our clients use us launch and prove new concepts for their businesses - whether that's a different engagement channel, the launch of a new product or service, or expansion into a wider market place, RSVP will provide a safe, controlled environment for you to test the activity out on a very small scale - dipping your toe in the water first to check the temperature, before diving straight in!We know that it is important for your business to evolve, but also understand that fully committing to one particular course of action when it is unproven can be very risky. RSVP helps mitigate against that risk, allowing you to test a different range of solutions out and optimise and refine them on a micro-level before incorporating them into a larger strategy.

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