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Outsourced Customer Service

Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

RSVP has been providing outsourced customer service solutions for over three decades, including full inbound call centre solutions for clients like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Deliveroo, LVMH, Manchester City, Barclays, Deloitte and IBM.

Whether working across, single, multi or omni-channel engagement, we are highly adept at call-handling, e-mail response, social media moderation, video call support, and live chat – working across all global time zones and providing native speakers for any languages you may require.RSVP understands the faith you need to have in a supplier to trust your most precious commodity – your customers – with another company, and believe that our role is not only to provide a best-in-class service but to also enhance your brand values and overall customer satisfaction.We work with the very latest in call centre technology, ensuring your outsourced customer service solution has a fully optimised CRM and case management system, supported by real-time reporting with direct feedback and analysis designed to improve the service provided.

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