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Drama Clubs in London and Why you Should Join One

You’re working hard to launch your acting career, and you know that the competition is stiff. Still, you’re determined to make it as a professional actor. So, why should you join an amateur drama club? There are actually tons of ways that drama clubs in London can help you. 

For a start, they’re a great place to practise and showcase your art, and practice makes perfect! You’ll also meet people who divide their time between amateur and professional theatre, expanding your network and becoming a familiar face in acting circles. And of course, there’s a chance to get press reviews. How good will they be? That’s up to you!

With more opportunities to get noticed, and with extra experience to add to your portfolio, your activity in acting clubs could make all the difference to your progress towards your ultimate goal of fame and success. And let’s not forget that it’s fun too! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at acting clubs. London is the place to be, so we’ll focus on that city – but wherever you’re based, you’re sure to find one or more drama clubs to help you grow and develop as an actor. 

The Putney Theatre Company

Regular productions that include “serious” works like Shakespeare, as well as plays by up-and-coming new playwrights, will give you plenty of opportunities to explore your range as an actor. With 12 or more productions staged every year, there’s always something happening at the Putney Theatre Company

The Questors

Apart from having its own theatre and excellent technical facilities, the Questors offer part-time acting courses. The club stages up to 15 productions a year and has an impressive track record for staging new plays and dramas. The club is nearly 100 years old and enjoys an excellent reputation for training and developing actors. It has been hailed as London’s “most successful” amateur drama club. 

KDC Theatre

If you aren’t keen on paying subscriptions when you don’t have a role, KDC theatre may be for you. Showcasing work by new writers, KDC Theatre will offer you some unique acting challenges as well as attention from theatre aficionados who attend its productions in search of new material and fresh faces. And, if you’d like to try your hand at writing a short play, its writing competitions offer an opportunity for getting it noticed. 

Woodhouse Players

With the Woodhouse Players, you’ll have the opportunity to audition for, and possibly play, roles across just about every genre. The London-based acting club tackles everything from serious drama to comedy and pantomimes and usually stages six professional-quality productions every year.  It presents an excellent opportunity for you to discover the genres that suit your acting style best.

The Tower Theatre Company

With 18 shows staged every year, the Tower Theatre Company is perfect for “serious” amateurs and up-and-coming professionals. You’ll have to pass an audition to be considered as an actor in the group, so standards are high. Apart from staging shows in London, it also goes on tour, even presenting productions in France. 

South London Theatre

From behind-the-scenes work to acting or even directing, the South London Theatre club has lots to offer those who love the stage. It aims to produce 20 shows ranging from serious drama to light musical comedy every year giving you lots of opportunities to test your range as an actor. The old fire station venue that hosts the club is delightful too!

Dulwich Players

Staging three to four productions a year, the Dulwich Players are happy to tackle a variety of genres. Fans of all things theatre, members gather for social events, theatre outings, and workshops. There’s a lot of fun to be had as well as an opportunity to get cast in a role that matches your talents. From comedy to high drama, this enthusiastic amateur dramatic society offers you a great opportunity to hone your skills. 

Beaufort Players

On the surface, this club is anything but serious and has a relatively low membership figure. However, it has won several awards for its amateur productions which have been rated as exhibiting professional quality. Could you be the actor to help them hit the limelight yet again? You won’t know unless you give membership a chance! As the website advertises: “Some members have gone on to drama school; others have become budding playwrights; everybody has learnt how to make a decent cup of tea.” 

BROS Theatre Company

If you’re in it for the musicals, BROS Theatre Company is a good match for your ambitions. Courses in singing, dancing and acting are on offer, but with all the glitz and glamour of musical theatre to live up to, you can’t expect as many different productions per year. Nevertheless, this could be the next step towards West-End success and your part in a blockbuster musical. 

Centre Stage London

Musicals and cabaret acts are Centre Stage’s specialities. Expect two major productions per year, interspersed with cabaret shows. Definitely an option for aspiring actors with musical leanings, Centre Stage offers reasonable membership rates and lots of opportunities to socialise. The focus is definitely on fun at this acting club, but this might be your chance to get your first rave review!

RSVP: Practice Your Art and Earn

Drama clubs are fun and they might even lead to your “big break.” However, they do take up time, and you have to pay your membership fees. Aspiring actors need to earn a living, and it’s not every employer who will understand their need for flexibility – in fact, your acting ambitions are something you might want to keep hidden during most job interviews. Prospective employers don’t like the idea of being “second fiddle.” 

RSVP is different. We deliberately hire actors because we know that they have the skill to engage with others. Actors are experts at getting messages across to audiences, and as a communications company, that’s a perfect fit for us. 

We’re a good fit for actors too – and not only because we’re flexible. Every client contact is an opportunity to win over an audience, albeit an audience of one. Can you make a caller feel valued? Can you hit the perfect note that resonates with a frustrated caller who is in need of support? Can you follow a script and ad-lib as needed? If the answer is “yes” then it’s time to contact RSVP. Your talent earns you a living, and we not only sympathise with, but strive to further, your hopes of a successful acting career. 


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