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Omni Channel 24/7 Multilingual Call Centre

Omni Channel 24/7 Multilingual Support

RSVP is able to provide true omni-channel 24/7 multilingual customer support, building and deploying systems that use a single truth database to record every single type of customer interaction.

We use a combination of multi-skilled and siloed teams to devise an optimised strategy that encourages the use of cost-effective channels for each enquiry type. Blending calls, e-mail, social, chat, SMS and back-office processes, we are able to create a holistic model that paints a very clear and complete picture of all types of customer activity. From managing SLAs by channel, to effectively escalating and resolving every enquiry as necessary, our omni-channel solution represents the standard to aspire to, allowing your customers to engage with you in a fashion of their choosing, reducing customer effort score and improving experience and satisfaction rankings.

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