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Communicating Excellence

Confidence and Trust

The scale and diversity of options within the BPO sector can make selecting the right partner for your service difficult.

This determination is all the harder if you have never outsourced work before, and knowing who to trust with such an important engagement is critical to giving any new partnership the greatest chance of success. For over 30 years clients have turned to RSVP as a well-respected, reputable and trustworthy provider of call centre services. Whether it is large pan-global companies such as Amazon or Deliveroo, or smaller businesses and start-ups that need support with continued growth, you can be confident that RSVP will treat every client equally and create a solution that best meets your specific set of requirements.


When you partner with RSVP you will find yourself working with a highly proactive, dedicated and motivated supplier who aims to continuously refine and improve the service we deliver.

Working to the principle of marginal gains, RSVP’s account management philosophy is very much detail-orientated and reliant on the use of empirical data and reporting to highlight the best strategy and course for evolution. Progressive and on the front-foot, RSVP aims to challenge accepted practices and deliver continuous improvement for you and your customers. Drawing on extensive experience and working across a wide variety of different sectors, we are well-placed to help inform and direct your business strategy, including the use of test and learn methodology and sprint development phases to deliver tangible changes through agile project management.


Excellence remains RSVP’s key watchword. Excellence in service delivery, through the use of a best-in-class agent offering and state of the art technology.

If the quality of your service remains a key priority, then you’ll find our approach a welcome departure from the norm. RSVP’s methods are about continuously striving to do better, to pioneer improved ways of working and to make sure every interaction with your customers will enhance your brand and build on a solid reputation for excellence in service delivery. Doing the minimum? Getting by with the mediocre? Settling for the industry average? Then we’re probably not the right partner for you. Want to be the very best? Want to set the standard by which everyone else is judged? Want to push the boundaries and continuously get better? The come right in!


Every outsourcer will tell you they believe in working in partnership with their clients. A partnership is easy to talk about, but a lot harder to build.

At RSVP we’re comfortable that we will do our part, but we’re only really interested in working with clients who are prepared to be as involved and engaged with the service as we are. Reciprocity is the key to every relationship, and if you like working with a hands-on supplier who will be forthright and honest with you, then we’ll probably get along famously. Want to spend time working alongside your team at RSVP? That’s fine – they’re your team, you don’t need an invitation, the door will always be open. Fancy having some of our staff come and spend time with you at your offices? Also no problem at all, just let us know where to go! Tell us where your business is and where you want it to go and we’ll help you draw up the map to get there. Tell us what your goals and objectives are, and we’ll devise a grand master plan to achieve them. RSVP isn’t here to work for you. We are here to work with you.


A smarter man than us once said that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’.

At RSVP we certainly believe that we’re at our best when we rely on the inherent creativity of our staff and we also think they help us deliver intelligent solutions, in a fun, positive and empowering way. Creative thought is the catalyst for all change, and at RSVP we employ some seriously creative people. Staffed entirely by professional performers, our workforce is readily equipped with a unique blend of intelligence and ingenuity. This ‘creative engine’ is at the centre of everything we do – always challenging and innovating, with a keen determination to succeed and a positive and enthusiastic outlook that gives our business a tremendous energy. Think of an actor – versatile and trained communicators who are the direct embodiment of the work they do. There’s no one better to represent your brand or to support your customers.