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Best Acting Classes in London

As an actor, acquiring new skills, and sharpening up the ones you already have, not only allows you to improve your art, but demonstrates your willingness to work hard on your career. You already know that acting is a “real” career (no matter what your parents might have said), and not an easy one. In any career, continuous improvement and personal development equip you to rise to new heights. Since that’s what you want to do, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best acting classes in London. 

In choosing acting classes, however, you might want to dig into specific areas of specialisation. After all, each actor’s developmental goals and career ambitions are unique. Use our list to spot not only what acting classes you can take, but the areas that you’d like to work on. There are so many excellent acting classes in London that our list can only serve as a guideline to get you looking for the right opportunities. 

City Academy

Once again, we’re looking at a fun and varied selection of acting classes on offer – this time, without the strict entrance requirements or the need to pay a membership fee. You simply choose a course, and pay for the classes you attend. Apart from general acting classes, there are specialities like stage combat, the Meisner technique, and Method acting. Depending on your interests, look out for courses on musical theatre, screen acting, and comedy acting to name but a few. Frequently featured in the media, City Academy could give you a chance to participate in resident company productions – a great way to gain exposure and further perfect your art. 

The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting

If you’ve already completed your training and are a professional actor in your own right, the need for learning doesn’t stop there. The Giles Foreman Centre for Acting will help you to zero in on the acting techniques of the greats. Think of names like Lee Strasberg, Stanislavski, Meisner, and Adler and you’ll get an idea of the specialised approaches to acting that you can develop through the centre’s courses. However, admission requirements are stringent. 

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

You’ve probably heard of, considered, or even completed, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts BA in acting. However, it also offers several short courses with varying entry requirements. Introductory courses in voice, movement and the interpretation of classical and contemporary text could be just the thing to prepare you for a drama school audition. For those with more experience and existing qualifications, there are also more advanced courses, some of which require you to audition for entry. With an international reputation for excellence to back it up, you can be sure that training is of a high standard and will be recognized around the world. 

The Reel Scene

If screen acting is your big ambition, it might be a good idea to invest in classes taught by some of the UK’s best-known film actors and the tutors who perfected the work behind blockbuster movies. The Reel Scene doesn’t just offer training, it’s also a talent agency, so excelling in coursework here could kill two birds with one stone: sharpening your skills and getting agency representation. No particular education or experience are needed to get in, but you may find tuition costs rather high. 

Regular Job Plus Acting Career and Acting Classes: A Juggling Act?

While every actor should dream big, reality sometimes bites. Acting classes need funding, and money comes from working which takes time away from your training, which you need to get acting work and so on. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why a lot of talented people never realise their potential as actors. They get tired of all the juggling. But this doesn’t have to be you. 

At RSVP, a call centre priding itself in the high quality of its customer service offerings, it’s all about the actors. We know that having talented actors on our team helps us to provide the well-modulated voices, empathetic interactions, and verbal dexterity that makes us stand head and shoulders above other call centres. We’re proud of employing aspiring and between-jobs actors, and we make it easy for you to fit in auditions, classes, rehearsals, and everything else you need to do to further your acting career. 

There’ll be no more awkward moments when your employer asks: “You want time off for what?” We understand your needs. Sounds like a perfect fit for you? We think so too! Visit our RSVP Careers page. We’re waiting to hear from you!


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