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Our List of the Top 7 Acting Agencies in London Plus a Novel Alternative

It’s not impossible to get acting roles without an agency, but it’s a whole lot easier if you work with one or more agents. Talent agents have connections to casting directors, and they’re often the only ones to know about upcoming roles and auditions. If you’re working with acting agents, you should get more opportunities – and more roles – than others, but you’ll want to know that you’re working with professionals who offer actors a fair deal along with more opportunities for exposure. 

When it comes to the performing arts, London is the place to be, so we’ll narrow our list down to include top acting agencies in London. With the UK’s best acting agencies on your side, it’s a matter of biding your time, using every opportunity to practice and develop your art, and being ready to attend auditions when your agents think you might be a good match for a role. With persistence, talent, and a bit of luck, you could be on the road to fame and success. 

Our best tip? Be willing to start small before making it big! Advertising, training videos, corporate videos and even voiceovers are all projects worth considering. Drew Barrymore, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Anne Hathaway are just a few of the big names that starred in commercials before they became worldwide stars. 

Now, let’s take a look at some acting agencies in London, what they do, and how you could fit in. Remember: whoever you choose should only expect payment if they find you work, and don’t get too disappointed if getting an agent proves rather difficult. A good agent will only sign you if they’re fairly confident they can find work for you. If it’s too easy, it could mean that you aren’t going to benefit from the association. Be ready to put your best foot forward when marketing yourself to agents. 

1. William Morris Endeavors (WME)

With legends like Charlie Chaplain, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley in its long history, American-based WME also has offices in London. Getting on their books may not be all that easy, but if you think you’ve got something special to offer, they could be the agents who match you with the opportunities you need to build your portfolio. 

2. Conway Van Gelder Grant (CVGG)

While some talent agencies cover the full spectrum of talent from comedians to speakers, musicians and actors, CVGG specialise in acting. With over half a century in the business and names like Helena Bonham Carter on their books, they’re definitely experts in their field. Although you’ll be up against some pretty big names, there are plenty of casting opportunities ranging from advertising roles to TV and feature films. 

3. United Agents (UA)

If you’re going for a top-level acting agency in London in the hopes of finding a great agent, UA could offer the opportunities you’re looking for. Although its impressive history may look a little intimidating, the agency recognizes the importance of showcasing new talent along with big names like Kate Winslett and Ricky Gervais. 

4. The Artists’ Partnership (TAP)

With tons of famous actors (think Emily Blunt and Idris Elba for example) on their books, you nevertheless don’t have to have made it big before signing with TAP.  You will, however, need evidence of your talent. That’s good, because if one of the handful of agents in TAP is willing to represent you, you can be sure that he or she is confident about being able to help you to build your career

5. 42 Management and Production (42)

Instead of just recommending you to other producers, 42 actually makes its own productions, peopling the cast with the actors it represents. And before you start wondering if that means a lot of obscure, low-budget productions, think again! The made-for-TV Watership Down is one of their hit creations, and they also produce full-length feature films. With top actors like Sir Michael Caine on its books, the agency is still ready to get excited about new talent – provided you can show that you have what they’re looking for. 

6. Hamilton Hodell (HH)

This agency isn’t shy about saying it’s looking for “exceptional talent,” and it has an exceptional track-record to go with it. If you can get help from this industry-leading acting agency, London, and the world, could be your oyster. The company has catapulted several up-and-coming superstars into the limelight, and you could be next. Once again, it’s up to you to provide proof that they want to work with you.

7. Tavistock Wood

If you think you might be the next Lily James, then choosing the agency that took her from Drama School graduate to superstar could be the next move you need to make. With a focus on the individuals they choose to manage, don’t expect getting in to be easy. But if you do get this agency on your side, you can expect personal attention and dedication to your success. 

Getting Signed By Top Agencies is Pretty Tough – Look for Alternatives

In closing, we should highlight that getting signed by top acting agencies in London is no easy task. Even famous names will tell you that to begin with, you’re going to submit tons of reels and headshots with nobody showing an interest. When your “product” is “you” that can be very disheartening. 

While it’s certainly worth taking your chances and giving it your best shot, building your portfolio continues to be a priority for you. And time isn’t standing still. Amateur dramatics clubs and minor successes are good for building your experience, but most of us need opportunities to earn a steady income too. 

RSVP Artists: a Novel Solution

It’s not just producers and directors that appreciate acting skills. RSVP, a top London call centre company, has always hired actors for roles in its business. After all, actors know how to convey a message so that it is impactful and resonates with any audience – even if that’s an audience of one. But we know that our staff of talented actors has dreams to fulfil and an acting career to build. 

That’s why we work with RSVP Artists. It’s an acting agency that represents RSVP Call Centre operatives, actively seeking roles for them, promoting their business interests and supporting their career ambitions every step of the way. 

Best of all, RSVP offers flexible working conditions and a supportive environment along with the ability to earn an income even when you don’t currently have a role. Sounds ideal? Join the many actors who work with RSVP – and yes, we’ve got a few award-winners of our own too! Visit the RSVP Careers page to find out more. We’re ready to help you to take your acting career to the next level!


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