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Call Centre Outsourcing and BPO Services


Quality is never an accident

Years of call centre outsourcing experience across a wide range of industries and a committed, long-standing call centre service team combine with agents who can deliver proactive, empathetic and intelligent interactions.

Confidence & Trust

For over three decades clients have trusted RSVP to care and support their customers and help grow their business. RSVP is a stable, secure and conscientious provider of call centre solutions and BPO services with a proven track record.


Using professional performers at the heart of our call centre solutions ensure that RSVP always maintains a contemporary outlook that uses a creative spark to drive a continuous evolution and a progressive outlook


We are at our best not when we are working for someone, but when we are working with someone. RSVP will challenge you to be better and we believe strongly that an open, proactive and shared approach with clients yields the best results.


Our offering is based on delivering excellence – across every aspect of the call centre services we provide. We want our clients’ service to be pre-eminent in their field, the model example of how customer engagement should be managed.

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