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Best Headshot Photographers in London

Your headshot is your first shot at grabbing an agent or casting director’s attention. After that, it’s up to you to deliver the goods in auditions. But without that impactful headshot, you won’t get a foot in the door, So, that headshot’s importance can’t be overemphasised. Hoping to get yours from the best? We take a look at the best headshot photographers in London. 

Proven track records mean that your headshot photographer knows what’s required for a great headshot, but choosing the best means a higher price tag. You could pay as much as £400 for a headshot from a top photographer. If it’s the first step in getting your big break, it’s going to be worth the investment. 

How to Choose a Headshot Photographer

As an actor, your headshot photographer is the person you choose to create the fabulous first impression you need to get noticed. However, not all professional photographers are great headshot photographers. It’s a very specialised niche, and the photographer you choose should have the credentials to prove that it’s an area in which they excel. 

Besides this, your headshot photographer should be able to form a connection with you so that you’re able to feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. They should be able to spot and emphasise what makes you special as an actor since that’s exactly what your headshot should convey.

Needless to say, headshot photography is an art, and those who are especially good at it have built a reputation that proves their worth. So, who are the best headshot photographers in London? Here are some of the top names to consider. 

Top Headshot Photographers in London

  • Edward Mitchell has worked extensively on both sides of the lens, and knows how to get the very best from a headshot. Sessions with Edward are always enjoyable – and get great results. 
  • Nick James is recommended by many of London’s leading agents. His background in the arts and acting helps him to understand actors and his portraits are truly striking. 
  • Alan Howard describes his headshots as “cinematic” and a look through his portfolio shows his ability to capture dramatic images that make his subjects look like stars. 
  • Kirill Kozlov has many years of headshot photography behind him and a great understanding of the role of the headshot in casting. His philosophy is that personality matters over mere prettiness and that headshots should convey a message. 
  • Roberto Vivancos is a cinematographer, and he’s also a master of the art of the headshot. His images are artistic and packed with personality. 
  • John Holloway is based in East London. His website may be short on text, but his pictures paint a thousand words. So will your headshot. 
  • Claire Newman-Williams has over 25 years of experience in headshot photography, and a reputation to match. She says that a headshot should “communicate” and the speaking images she produces tell their own tale. 
  • Michael Wharley is a big name in the world of commercial photography. He spent six years as an actor, so he definitely understands your ambitions and knows the art of creating memorable headshots. 
  • Kim Hardy specialises in headshots, and a look at her portfolio will see you eager to do whatever it takes to get that professional, and above all, impactful headshot. 
  • John Clark offers a relatively affordable option and has the thumbs up from the Sylvia Young Agency. Once again, there’s an impressive portfolio that you can browse through before taking the plunge. 
  • Henry Harrison is a very popular headshot photographer, and while not dagger cheap (no good headshot photographer will be) he offers comparatively reasonable rates for images that are packed with personality. 
  • Headshot London is a company that specialises in corporate and actor headshots. It employs a team of photographers, so may seem to lack the personal touch, but there’s no doubt that they’ve done some pretty impactful work in the past. 
  • M.A.D Photography is the brand created by Mark A. Davis and his work with actor headshots speaks for itself. Best of all, Mark offers student discounts to help you get professional headshots to launch your career. 
  • Lumosia studios may not yet have made everybody’s top ten list when it comes to headshots, but they do seem to be able to deliver the goods and have excellent reviews from actors. Their portfolio looks impressive, and their pricing is on the reasonable end of the scale: definitely worth a mention. 

While You Wait For That Casting Call

Building a career as an actor takes talent, skill, and perseverance. You’re likely to have time on your hands while you’re between roles, and there are lots of ways to use it constructively. You can brush up on your reading, take some classes to hone your skills and even earn an income. But how many businesses will support your career as an actor? This one will! 

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