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Our Guide to Outsourcing Your Customer Support

It’s accepted knowledge: outsourcing certain functions to specialised outside entities builds capacity because it frees you up to concentrate on the things your business does best.  If you choose well, the task gets done better than you can, and there might even be cost savings to boost your bottom line. 

Even the biggest firms take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing. Human resources management, accounting, and marketing are common outsourced areas. But can you really outsource customer support in such a way that your clients feel nurtured? The answer is “yes,” but, as with any form of outsourcing, you do need to be very careful about who you contract to tackle the task. 

The Case for Outsourcing Customer Support Services

When you really care about your customers, you need to ensure that help is at hand around the clock. Call volumes, the number of emails, and direct messages via social media that require answers can vary. Ensure that everyone gets help fast, even at peak times, and you’re left with employees who don’t have enough work to do off-peak. Give them other work to do, and they lose their focus. 

But customer support staff volumes aren’t enough to get the job done well.  You need the right people to help your customers. Every detail must be perfect. Product knowledge, tone of voice, listening skills, and a genuine willingness to help will all contribute to your customers’ impression of your company and its service. If promises are made, they must be kept, and no matter who your customers speak to, agents must have access to software that tells them about every detail of the customer’s journey with your company so far. 

Your support agents must also communicate with you, especially if several customers seem to have similar issues with your product. After all, communication is a two-way street. And, with an in-house customer service department, you now have one more area to manage, supervise, and control. Apart from requiring you to invest resources, it takes a lot of your precious time.

All of these issues point towards outsourcing this area of your business to the right company. You’re looking for an agency with top-notch, highly motivated, and articulate staff who will speak to your customers just as if they were your employees. Make the right choice and you’ll simplify what can be an extremely complex area and delight your customers with the great service they’re receiving. 

Customer Support Outsourcing: What it Entails

Since you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step towards outsourcing customer support: you’ve identified a need, and you’re doing a little homework before taking the plunge.  

The next step is to look at companies offering customer support as a specialised field on its own.  Important questions to ask include: how long they’ve been in business, whether they can handle customer support across multiple channels, how they select and train agents, and how they plan to keep you in control. 

After all, your customers are the reason why your business exists, so you do want to keep tabs on things even though you’re outsourcing. A business that loses touch with its customers risks failure. You’re looking for better customer service, better communication and information-sharing, and greater efficiency than you already have in-house. 

The Gold Standard in Outsourcing Customer Support

At RSVP, we know that our customer support services are exceptional, so in this portion of the article, we’ll look at the reasons why we say so and how that benefits you. We believe that our methods place us head-and-shoulders above the competition, and that’s just what you want for your business too. 

Whether we’re looking at social media moderation, fielding calls, or responding to emails, our personnel are always on the job. As a result, your customers benefit from immediate attention on their preferred communications channels. Even more importantly, every contact is recorded using our advanced Customer Relationship Management software. That means our support agents never miss a beat when orchestrating a remarkable customer support experience – and the information is all there for you to see.  Leverage our analytics to find out what your customers are thinking and experiencing. It’s an opportunity that’s worth its weight in gold!

When operatives are assigned to your account, they receive training that makes their messages on-brand, and their information surgically targeted to solve customer issues efficiently. Most important of all, they’re able to convey the image you want for your business while being ready to connect with your customers by leveraging empathy and emotional intelligence. Every interaction will be one you can be proud of, and our goal is to ensure that every customer we help on your behalf walks away feeling like they’ve received superb service. We do the work. You get the credit. Your success is our success. 

How to Get Started With RSVP

It’s natural that you would like to get to know more about us before making a final decision to choose RSVP as your customer support solution. Contacting us is the next step to take. Once we’ve discussed your customer support needs, we’ll tailor a solution to fit you. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of time to see why we’re communications experts, and you’ll see why what you get from us is much more than just customer support. 

It’s your chance to get invaluable insights into how real customers experience your products while ensuring that each of them credits your company with VIP service. If you’re ready to ramp up your customer service levels with our outsourced customer service and support, it’s time for you to reach out to RSVP.


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