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A Guide to Customer Service Outsourcing

You respect your clients, and you do everything you can to provide them with products that will satisfy their needs, but you and your teams have full schedules. You know that attending to customer needs is a must, but you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. 

You might divert resources you need elsewhere to customer service to cover peak demand, leaving other tasks and projects on hold. Or you have dedicated customer service agents who face sudden spikes in customer needs that they can barely cope with alternating with times when they’re just waiting around in case someone needs them.

Could customer service outsourcing be the solution? If you choose the right service provider, it can. They do the work, your customers are thrilled with the service they’re getting, and you get all the credit. You deserve to! After all, it’s your business that attracted those customers in the first place. But can you outsource customer service with confidence, and how does that benefit you and your customers? Let’s unpack this together – beginning with the benefits. 

Read our guide to customer service.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

There are two possible beneficiaries here: you and your customers. Here’s how each side scores a win. 

You have:

  • Dedicated, skilled, and trained people to serve your customers
  • 24/7 availability to serve a global marketplace
  • Help from a company whose core business is customer service: serving your customers is its reason for being and nothing can distract from that
  • A scalable solution with no redundancy. People are deployed as needed. Spike in demand? Your customers won’t be left on hold
  • Access to real-time customer service analytics that won’t leave you guessing. Get to know your customers, find out what they’re saying and what matters to them. 
  • Predictable customer service costs
  • Access to cutting-edge technology that helps you to understand your customers better
  • Better customer experiences. With specialist customer service agents on tap, your customers experience professionalism at first hand
  • Easy customer service management through a single touchpoint. You may have outsourced, but you’re still in charge
  • Better conversion rates and happier customers with potential for repeat business

Your customers get:

  • Real people who are willing to listen and know how to respond – no more frustrating interactions with AI that doesn’t understand them on a human level
  • Quick, professional, and friendly service around the clock. No more “Your call is important to us” recorded messages repeating for hours on end
  • Trained operatives who understand your business, your products, and how they work
  • Engaged customer service that’s invested in achieving customer satisfaction
  • All the time they need to resolve their questions – nobody is rushing them because they think they have other things to do
  • Recognition as individuals and personal service, no matter how big your business is 

How to Outsource Customer Service The Right Way

You’re almost certainly going to save money when you outsource customer service – but the price point isn’t the deciding factor. 

Begin by considering what you hope to achieve through outsourcing, and use the points you identified as criteria for choosing a customer service company. 

Think about your customers’ perspective. They want efficiency and technical know-how, but they also want empathy, professionalism, and a sense of connection. How will your outsourced customer service provider meet these requirements?

Provide training and a clear customer service brief. Scripts might look like an easy option, but your agents need more than that to serve your customers well. They need to know your business and its products, be ready to support your strategic goals, and know who to refer queries to if they encounter an unusual situation. 

Analytics matter. It’s not just customer experiences that are important. The reasons why they needed help from customer service can help you to improve your marketing efforts and way of doing business. What seemed unclear? What issues did they encounter?  Good analytics point you in the right direction. 

Always choose quality. Millions of people around the world are engaged in the customer service industry. At the same time, a big portion of customers report negative customer service experiences. Can you buck the trend through outsourcing? The company you choose must have proven results to show they’re ahead of the curve. 

When is The Right Time to Outsource Customer Service?

Is your company growing fast? Be sure it doesn’t outgrow client needs, Creating the impression that you’re too big to care is a major pitfall – and overstaffing to meet a need is another. Find the happy medium by outsourcing. 

Customer experiences aren’t as good as you’d like them to be. You always prided yourself on the service you offered your customers, but lately, you’re seeing an increase in negative customer experiences. It’s time to turn that around.

You’re spending more time on managing customer service than on your strategic priorities. You’re ready to do more things, new things, and take your business to the next level – but customer service needs have you focusing on the now instead of the future. 

Seasonal demand fluctuates. At times, it’s easy to stay on top of things, but in the crazy season, you just don’t have the capacity to provide the service you want your business to be known for. Scale up and scale back with ease when you outsource customer service.

You’re losing customers to your competitors. Building customer loyalty is a sensitive process. Drop the ball and the entire process is derailed. Everyone has competitors, but customer service can be the deciding factor that keeps you ahead of the curve.

Different Types of Outsourced Customer Support

You can outsource call centres, you can have people answering your emails, your social media presence can be monitored, you can even use AI to handle basic queries. Don’t fall into the trap of outsourcing each of these categories in isolation. 

Your customers want a unified experience. Go for omnichannel support that covers every possible channel your customers might use to connect with you. With the right software at their disposal, your outsourced customer service agency can give your customers a unified communications experience covering all touchpoints. 

Which Industries Benefit Most From Customer Service Outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing is a standard feature in many industries. E-commerce is an obvious candidate, but telecommunications and healthcare aren’t far behind. As for tech, there will always be people who need a little help to make the right choices and enjoy the full benefits of the products they buy. 

Travel, hospitality and real estate businesses will be among those who recognise scalability as an advantage – and their customers expect service to be on-point. But then, which industries have customers who don’t care about service? The answer is “none.”

No matter what your industry, if you’re offering remote support, outsourcing customer service to a dedicated provider helps you to offer great service around the clock.  

Considering the Outsourcing Question? Here’s Why You Should Talk to RSVP

We understand your reluctance to entrust your customer service – after all, without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist. That’s why we offer in-house-equivalence, doing as well as your own team can, as a starting point. After that, our next goal is to exceed anything you could have done without us – and our ever-growing portfolio of high-level clients is evidence of our success on that score. 

We’re so much more than “just another call centre” and we’re ready to prove our claims. Our London-based call centre employs, trains, and nurtures articulate, creative operatives. Our software keeps you informed on customer service analytics and helps us to join the dots in omnichannel communications. We represent you to the best of our ability – and we have evidence that our best is a cut above the rest. 

Let’s work together! We don’t just “answer the phone.” Instead, we’re invested in helping you to achieve your goals and our task is to ensure that you gain a reputation for superb customer service. Opportunity knocks. Will you open the door to customer service excellence? Contact us today!


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