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The recent heatwave during the month of August was felt across the whole of the UK. Blistering sunshine caused thousands of us to bask in the heat whilst also sweating it out at night! It certainly was too hot for some. Here at RSVP, we’ve hit our own heatwave of some sorts….

One of the biggest package holiday companies in the UK engaged RSVP to help support the fallout of the thousands upon thousands of holidaymakers who have had holidays cancelled or are now questioning whether they still have a holiday at all.

Whilst the travel industry is going through one of their toughest periods in history there are millions of customers left in limbo, holiday companies and airlines are taking a lot heat (in a different way) from their customers.

For this new line of support, RSVP recruited, onboarded and trained over 170 new agents remotely in the space of 3 weeks. They’re all working from home helping to ease the pressure on the client.

What would normally be a two week on-boarding process was changed to two days and executed in a modular fashion. The agents were trained to deal with the main bulk of queries first. As these are being addressed, queues are forming in other areas of the business, so breakout teams are being created and upskilled to further ease the pressure. It’s a great strategy by the business and they’re seeing the fruits of their labour as proven by the upsurge in positive Trustpilot reviews they’re now getting.

We are so lucky to employ the people we do with the skillset they have. Ordinarily ramping up a team so quickly would be much more difficult. Yes there are always challenges but we always overcome them!



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