What are welcome calls?

Using highly advanced telephony systems, RSVP can efficiently and professionally contact your new customers. RSVP can take a live feed of newly acquired customers and make a call within minutes of a customer engaging with you, or alternatively, we can take a data file and upload it to our telephony system for automated dialing. We can also offer welcome email and SMS services to supplement other welcome activity so that a range of interactions via different mediums can be utilised in order to deliver a holistic welcome strategy.

Using dialler technology that is directly linked to a sophisticated CRM system, RSVP is able to capture data from welcome calls, determining what brought the customer to the service, how they found that experience and importantly, what could be done to enhance or streamline that process. Bespoke reporting is available plus the provision of recordings of all welcome calls. Demographic analysis can be carried out to determine driving characteristics in your market place as well as analysis of how different types of call to action are performing. This allows you to work out the very best acquisition strategy for new customers at the same time as providing a welcoming and warm initial engagement to those already with you.

RSVP's Call Handling Service

Welcome calls are a great way to introduce your company to new customers. They provide a personal touch that is far more engaging and appreciated than a welcome letter or welcome email. They’re ideal for finding out what the customer’s impressions are so far and what they will be looking for in the future. The first impression of a company or brand will often shape the way a customer interacts with you in the future, so welcome calls are great service to use to help you understand your customers from the very beginning of your relationship. They can also be educational, helping businesses refine their acquisition processes and provide a much better customer journey.

How will it benefit you?

The benefits of outsourcing your welcome calls and call handling aren’t always obvious straight away; however research suggests that initial customer interactions with a business have a defining effect on the length of that relationship and the profitability to the business engaging with the customer. It’s also true that the inherent learning a welcome call provides can help define and deliver an improved future acquisition strategy. RSVP’s staff ensure that these first interactions will be warm, friendly and positive, painting your business in a professional and caring light. On message, on brand and motivated to satisfy, RSVP staff excel at being the ideal first representative of your business, delivering a call handling service that will leave you impressed and proud. 

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