What is Subscription Sales?

The majority of work RSVP does in the subscriptions and membership industry is for the UK’s largest publishers. With the decrease of news stand sales that is being seen year on year, publishers are utilizing RSVP’s services to help increase their subscriber base as news stand sales alone will not suffice anymore. A publisher’s success is purely down to their circulation which means their regular subscribers are even more important. Subscriptions and a regular stream of income ensures that marketing budgets and profitability are kept at a maximum and the year on year decline in news stand sales does not have such a big impact on the business. RSVP is not only generating new print subscriptions but are also working across the digital platform as well. The increase in smartphone and tablet users has meant that RSVP has used this to their advantage selling in digital subscriptions where possible and giving the customer another option. An option that they may not have thought about before or been given before. The convenience of receiving their paid subscription digitally has meant they are happy to remain a subscriber and an all important customer to your brand. 

RSVP's service

Using their many years of experience in this field RSVP creates bespoke subscriber generation campaigns for all of their clients across many different channels. They will look at your demographic and then work out the best type of campaign for you and your target audience. RSVP can also use data that you own yourself. Lapsed, Competition and Response data is often passed to them by their clients to maximize on internal data. In this day and age it is so important to nurture the customers that have already had a taste of your brand as these are just as important as making new connections. 

How will it benefit you?

Using RSVP’s many years of experience and work across all of the UK’s biggest publishers certainly puts them one step ahead of everyone else in the business. They have their finger on the pulse in terms of today’s market and how the industry as a whole is evolving. When it comes to creating bespoke campaigns they are at the forefront of using the newest cutting edge technologies but also understanding the best response channels for every demographic sitting across your brands. This yields very efficient campaigns with the highest response levels but also the best results. RSVP create specialist teams based on a client’s brand. Certain publications will require a certain type of person to talk about it. RSVP segregate their teams so that each brand and client is given the right voice. 


“Working on the subscriptions campaigns are great. I get to speak to a lot of very different customers who all have different interests and likes. The way we are trained to sell is very conversational and by actually having a good conversation with the customer allows me to build a great rapport and essentially make those all-important sales! ”

- Aaron, RSVP Campaign Manager


““Thanks for the analysis and detail – some great figures"”

- DP, Manager Trinity Mirror

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