What is SMS Response?

RSVP offers their clients an SMS service to ensure customers can reach them at any time of day. It also allows RSVP to contact your customers via SMS when they may not be in a position to speak to somebody directly.

RSVP SMS response system is able to register bespoke keywords based on client and campaign that can be delivered in real time via https to any agent or team, thus ensuring the customers query is handled as efficiently as possible whether it be a customer service enquiry or a sales lead.

The technology used sends each individual SMS to a specific agent and team. RSVP can call customers back based on the SMS response and handle their query at a time that is convenient for them. This could be instantly for emergency or time-sensitive campaigns or with a delay using their technology to work out the best times to call a customer on any given campaign.

Most SMS responders are used in a sales environment and can increase the ROI of any campaign by up to 50%. Through historical analysis and being one of the first agencies to use this as a means of generating sales RSVP have proven that adding SMS response to a campaign will elevate response, not suppress it. RSVP has also proved that customers who have interacted or purchased through the SMS channel are 8%-10% more likely to purchase again. 

RSVP's SMS Response Service

RSVP SMS response system can register dedicated keywords for each and every one of your campaigns. Customers are able to text in a keyword to a dedicated short code which is then automatically loaded into their dialler. The keyword denotes what team and list it gets loaded into. We are also able to send bespoke SMS message back to customers to acknowledge their communication and ensure they know their enquiry is being dealt with. This can certainly help for high volume Inbound campaigns where you will want to maximize phone response and answer as many of these calls as quickly as possible. RSVP is also able to maximize your campaigns by sending another text out to a customer if they have not answered a previous attempt to contact them. Again, this re-engages your demographic but does not waste important campaign time calling back customers who are not available or their query has now been dealt with, once again, driving down the cost of your campaign.

How will it benefit you?

The benefits of using our SMS responder service is that the costs of setting this up and using it for a campaign are far outweighed by the increase ROI you will see. An SMS call centre campaign will only increase your response and it engages customers who may not have engaged with you previously. There is a subset of customers across every demographic that will not want to engage with you directly by picking up the phone and speaking to someone straight away, the SMS channel now gives them the extra option and gives you that extra customer. 


Aaron, RSVP Campaign Manager

“Customers are really happy when we call them back as it puts the onus on us as the client to speak to them when they have the time to do so. I also find that the customers who have text in seem more engaged with what I am saying and seem to give me more time to speak to them”

- Aaron, Campaign Manager

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