What are Promotion & Events Services?

Any event, whether small or large, can be difficult to organise. The venue, the logistics, the staff, and the guests – there’s lots to focus on and sometimes a little assistance at the right time can go a very long way. RSVP's event management services help you plan your event so that it runs smoothly and professionally. We’re also able to provide you with a range of events and promotions staff, all of whom are trained performers and great at interacting with your guests and promoting your services. Staff are also available at short notice, so if you’ve been let down by someone else, RSVP should be able to help you out. Friendly, articulate and engaging, many of our staff have a lot of events and promotions experience and would be a great addition to any team.

In addition, if you’re running a big event promotion and need help with audience acquisition, then RSVP is the perfect events promotion company to help you. Whether assisting with communicating the promotion via phone, email or social media or using extensive our databases to target specific audience types, RSVP can maximise the potential of your promotion to make it a resounding success. By taking away much of the labour intensive work it allows you to focus on the finer details and ensure your event or promotion runs perfectly.

RSVP's Promotions & Events Service

RSVP promotions and events planning service can be used to create and run your activity or to add value and assistance to existing events and campaigns. With an extensive staff list very well suited to promotions and events work, extra personnel resources can be readily supplied on an ad hoc basis to best suit your needs. Audience acquisition for your event promotion can be guaranteed via targeted and tested methods that ensure the promotion is relevant and appealing to those who you want to see it.

How will it benefit you?

The flexibility and scalability of RSVP’s event management services allows you to staff your event with well-trained and experienced professionals who will provide top quality service. This can be done with very little notice and personnel can be found to suit the requirements of your particular event.

For our event promotions service, RSVP will draw on years of experience of maximising acquisition opportunities to ensure that your event promotion is given the widest possible consideration in a manner that is engaged and relevant to your target audience.