What is an Outbound Sales Service?

Using the very latest in outbound call centre technology, RSVP create and run outbound telesales campaigns designed with your particular needs in mind. Through consultation and creative design, RSVP will build a campaign that can offer customer insight as well as tangible sales results. Script creation, brand messaging and choreographed campaign activity planning ensure the maximum optimisation of outbound sales.  An intelligent CRM system and fully integrated script-aware dialler ensure campaigns are efficient and cost-effective, delivering the maximum number of hourly contacts usually far superior to in-house levels. With an emphasis on enhancing your key metrics – be this average order value or conversion to contacts – RSVP’s outbound sales service is ideal for delivering incremental value as well as acquiring new sales and fresh customers for your company.

The sophisticated technology is supported by a very experienced and intelligent workforce, who have a natural skill set that helps make the most of every sales call. RSVP’s call centre staff are specialists at building rapport and goodwill. As professional performers, they are extremely versatile - able to change their style, approach, their pitch and their tone for each individual customer. No one outbound sales call is the same so outsourcing to our intelligent and creative staff ensures that your outbound telesales are always positive interactions that enhance your brand as well as your bottom-line. A combination of state-of-the-art technology, intelligent campaign design, and a creative sales team ensure RSVP consistently deliver industry-leading results.

RSVP's Outbound Sales Service

Whether supplementing your own in-house sales team or outsourcing your entire outbound sales calls to RSVP, we will be able to deliver both brand new business and also drive incremental sales. If you need your average order value increasing, want to drive repeat business and regular sales, increase your data conversion or just work more efficiently, RSVP will create an outbound sales campaign bespoke to your particular requirements that will deliver an excellent return on investment whilst also enhancing your customer interactions and lifecycle.

How will it benefit you?

RSVP has decades of outbound telesales experience – we know what we’re doing, and we work across most business sectors, in both a B2B and a B2C capacity. The combination of bespoke campaign creation, the very latest technology, and intelligent and articulate sales staff mean that RSVP offers an outbound sales service that will outperform all others. RSVP can work alongside your own in-house team to deliver incremental sales from other data sources or can work as your sole outbound call centre. Specialists in delivering repeat sales, RSVP can create campaigns that focus on new customer acquisition, customer reactivation or simply adding extra value to existing regular customers. 

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