What are International Sales & Services?

Many of RSVP client’s work abroad, from countries as far afield as Australia and Argentina, to sales and services provided across mainland Europe. With the online global market, businesses are frequently seeking to maximise the potential of foreign markets. Whether taking an existing UK business and helping it expand abroad for the first time, or centralizing a global operation into our London based office, RSVP have vast experience as an international call centre.

Presently RSVP has staff who provide French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian language work – and these staff carry out customer service and international sales services across a wide range of countries. RSVP also work extensively in the US and Australian markets and can provide contact solutions and campaign consultation particular to these time zones.

RSVP is also happy to help global businesses bring their service to the UK market for the first time. Recent examples include importation of fine wine to new markets and expanding and introducing global travel businesses to the UK audience. Based in London and Manchester, RSVP is an ideally located office for international businesses to bring services into the UK or provide services to the rest of the world. In the global market place RSVP offer flexible, multi-lingual, multi time-zone services that ensure no matter where in the world you are, your business is truly open all hours.

RSVP's International Sales Service

International sales and services can be used to expand your UK business model into new territories or to bring international business to the UK for the very first time. If you require foreign language communications or extended operational service hours for the global market, RSVP is able to provide experienced and dedicated staff with state of the art technical solutions to deliver the operational excellence and flexibility you require. Whether it’s call-handling, email response, international audience acquisition, sales and service or help with international sales fulfillment, RSVP is an international contact centre with the experience and expertise needed to provide you with a truly global solution.