What is an Inbound Sales Service?

When it comes to Inbound sales campaigns, effective training and resource planning are essential. RSVP will ensure that enough trained staff from our inbound call centre are on hand at all times to be able to deal with the volume of calls. Depending on the client and the campaign, this could range from one press advertisement generating a few hundred calls across the week to a full-scale DRTV advertising campaign, generating two to three thousand calls a day. Whilst clients will always provide us with a forecasted response to these advertisements, we have to plan any inbound campaign with enough flexibility to account for both over and under-delivery whilst ensuring that we are never at any point under-staffed.

RSVP offers their clients a dedicated inbound call handling service, taking calls directly into their switch, providing hold music, comfort messaging and IVR capabilities when required. However, they are also able to link with the client’s own dialler or IVR platform. RSVP also own a suite of dedicated free phone numbers.

Depending on the needs of the client and their commercial model, RSVP can have a team dedicated solely to inbound telephone sales, or more frequently a situation where they blend the inbound telesales work with outbound and SMS response. The sophistication and effectiveness of their dialler is such that they are able to completely stop all outbound dialling during a busy period on inbound, and then switch straight back to outbound as soon as the inbound lines are quiet again. This enables them to maximise efficiency, productivity whilst dealing with the differing scales of any given campaign. 

RSVP's Inbound Sales Service

RSVP offers many different Inbound call handling solutions. RSVP will analyse campaigns, forecasts and media plans and will create a strategy that will allow a client to maximise inbound volume but also ensuring enough staff members are available at any given point to answer all calls. RSVP’s answer rates are seen as some of the best in the industry as we are able to use our expertise and technology to handle even the most unexpected of calls. This can especially be the case when running DRTV campaigns when forecasting volume can be very difficult and TV stations can add in advertisements at the drop of a hat. Our inbound call centre services span across customer service calls, Inbound sales calls, emergency response and overflow. Campaigns can be given dedicated teams all with their own management and supervisory team. Teams are based on the size of the campaign but all will have a dedicated manager. No matter how big or small a campaign is, RSVP gives it the full attention it deserves.

How will it benefit you?

Whilst many clients utilise outbound, SMS and online services to generate leads and sales, an inbound sales campaign means that we are not losing out on that demographic that still prefers to call-in directly. An inbound call is the warmest possible lead and conversion on such calls is invariably better than on any other campaign. The experience for the customer is great as they get to speak to somebody live on the phone and often this is the first interaction they would have had with your brand. The quick answer rate and great service RSVP are able to offer along with the quality of their staff means that your customers are left wanting more.


Keith, RSVP Campaign Manager

“I have always had a great experience when speaking to customers that call in. Everyone who calls in has a need there and then and being able to service that need is very satisfying indeed. Inbound calls are very warm leads and often I get the highest conversions on these campaigns. The customers are never left waiting on hold or in long queues so they are always happy to speak to us when we answer the phones too. ”

- Keith, RSVP, Campaign Manager

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