What is Social Media & Digital Marketing?

Multimedia and Multichannel digital marketing services are something RSVP’s clients are using more and more. RSVP can reach out to their clients' customers within minutes of them confirming their interest. The initial interest is generated through various channels including Facebook, Twitter, affiliate marketing channels, email and display ads. All of them using the latest technology and algorithms to optimise each of their client campaigns.

Traditionally, performance and digital marketing have largely been restricted to affiliates such as cashback and voucher code websites. Assisted by a growing knowledge base helped by organisations such as the IAB and improvements in tracking and analytical technology, performance-based marketing is now a central part of most major advertiser’s marketing spend and enables scalable, low-risk expenditure on marketing

Social media and mobile marketing are the next big things in the digital marketing industry. The beauty of this channel of communication lies in its direct and succinct delivery that creates an immediate response from customers and is something RSVP is able to use for more and more of their clients. 

RSVP's Digital Marketing & Social Media Response Service

Using RSVP’s digital and social media response service means RSVP can generate leads, customers and even just increase engagement with your brand by sending more potential customers to your pages or products. RSVP's best option through their social media and digital marketing channels are currently using their ability to place tracking pixels on the relevant pages of their clients Facebook sites. Specifically targeted within the Facebook environment, this channel represents and vast audience available on a CPC pricing model. RSVP can also upload a client’s existing database into Facebook thus creating a look-a-like target (custom) audience. This custom audience tool has provided a 30%-50% uplift on click-through rates compared to normal Facebook ads. It also provides a cost-effective method of expanding a client’s reach to a highly targeted audience. Using RSVP retargeting tool allows RSVP to also target customers who have left a client’s own website without purchasing and serve them with relevant advertising within the highly responsive environment on Facebook.

How will it benefit you?

Social media lead generation really is the next generation of marketing and it has yet to fulfill its full potential by many marketing companies. RSVP’s state of the art technology and award-winning social media response campaigns have meant that RSVP has upped the ante making running a social media lead generation campaign a necessity rather than a choice. Our clients benefit from no wastage of leads, real-time customer interactions, increased customer satisfaction and an increase in ROI. Real-time reporting from the platform also means you have a clear view of how each campaign is working and how RSVP is making a real-time difference. Many clients feedback that more conventional marketing channels do not allow you to have such a real-time but also targeted view of the returns by which time it may be too late to make any differences. With RSVP’s social media lead generation campaigns you are able to make the choice to increase or decrease the potential of each one by seeing how they are performing against one another there and then. 


Burrow, RSVP Campaign Manager

“When speaking to someone who has registered their interest through Facebook it is almost as if they know about the brand we are calling about already. I have seen some of the ads and the content and it really is clever how we are able to target these customers! ”

- Burrow, RSVP, Campaign Manager