What is customer service?

In a competitive marketplace, the customer is king. Brand loyalty is now the privilege of a few and for the rest, customers can be persuaded away by introductory offers, cheaper tariffs, and free gifts. But something that is still prized by customers and has serious weight when it comes to deciding on where they spend their money is high-quality customer service. When it comes down to it, a cheap service or product loses its value if the people selling it or dealing with post-sale queries don’t care. Crucially, your reputation as a company that cares about his customers also loses value.

Providing top class customer service is a mark of your commitment to your customer base. It tells them that you appreciate them spending their money with you. Importantly, listening to your customers can also feed back into your process improvements, saving you money and time.  Having an accessible team will also mean that when things do go wrong, you are primed to resolve things quickly and with minimal fuss, keeping bad press at bay. There is no better way to raise the profile of your company by really listening to your customers, responding to their needs empathetically, and proving that you care about their journey.

RSVP's Customer Service

Our customer service centre can fulfill many roles, accompanying your customers on every step of their life cycle with you. If you would like to thank your customers for joining you and provide them with guidance on how to make the most of your services, a welcome call will reassure them that they have made the right choice. It can provide support for a single sale product or an ongoing service. It can be the first point of contact for complaints, quelling any frustration and containing ill feeling, whilst helping your customer to the quickest resolution. Our customer contact centre can also manage your social media, promoting positive feedback, whilst jumping on expressions of dissatisfaction and taking them offline before they escalate.

Whether this is handled by post, phone, email or instant messaging, a customer service call centre is your frontline; the place where you can really feel the pulse of your customer base.

How will it benefit you?

The power of word of mouth is phenomenal. Couple this with the speed of the modern world with its online blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous sharing sites, and you have a very dangerous weapon. Or a very powerful one. But you need to be in control of it. With our outsourced customer service centre managing your social media and customer support, you can make the most of every single customer contact, engendering loyalty to your brand.

A good customer service call centre sees every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to make them happy, and a great customer service call centre sees a complaint as the best opportunity of all.

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