What is customer retention?

Many of RSVP’s clients currently have a stronger focus on improving customer retention rather than acquisition. Maintaining a loyal customer base provides the essential foundation that acquisition can be built upon, providing stability and enhancing your business’s credibility and brand values. A strong customer following is the very best of endorsements to attract new customers, and RSVP’s provision of customer retention services consolidates your business positioning. From welcome calls placed to newly acquired customers to regular interactions throughout the customer life-cycle, RSVP offer numerous ways to keep in contact with your existing customers and ensure they are happy and fulfilled. In addition, RSVP run customer win-back campaigns and reactivation campaigns to re-engage with static or lapsing customer groups. If you have customers on your database who haven’t transacted or interacted with you for a long time, RSVP can create and tailor campaigns to drive positive re-engagement and deliver future repeat business.

With a range of communication options available, from outbound telephony, email and social media engagement, RSVP is able to take the pulse of your existing customers and articulate with great clarity the market forces that will drive continued customer loyalty.

RSVP also create and run campaigns that have inherent repeat business modelled in as part of the campaign strategy, with initial offers to drive customer loyalty and repeat business transactions delivering a return on initial investment many times over.

RSVP's Customer Retention Service

Customer retention marketing is used to understand and help you interact and transact with your customers time and time again. Understanding the customer lifecycle and the motivating factors that drive and sustain it are essential learning insights that RSVP’s customer retention campaigns deliver. Use RSVP’s customer retention management services to generate repeat business, deliver customer loyalty and sustain the business-customer relationship in a healthy and self-perpetuating fashion. If you are worried about losing customers, RSVP can deliver campaigns and marketing strategies to drive retention and re-invigorate your market place. Whether you wish to interact every day, week or year, RSVP can provide a service that ensures your customers get the very best possible service, engendering loyalty and continued business.

How will it benefit you?

Customer retention marketing is vital in a competitive business world. Your existing customers are perhaps your most valuable business asset. By trusting RSVP with customer retention management you guarantee that the customer lifecycle is extended to its full maturity, with regular customer interaction that is the hallmark of great customer service. By delivering strong retention, RSVP’s service positions you to be able to focus on business growth – knowing you are bringing new customers in and keeping the existing customers coming back time and time again for more.

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