What is Customer Acquisition?

RSVP’s new customer acquisition journey consists of a number of different elements that can either be used together or can be used in modules dependent on the client, their demographic and product. RSVP is able to reach out to new customers through various platforms and media channels including affiliate marketing, email marketing, display ads, and social media marketing. RSVP also use the more traditional methods of calling data generated by clients themselves but are yet to convert to customers. All of these can be worked on their own or together and RSVP will then establish which channel is working the best for you. As RSVP is the only customer acquisition agency in the UK with a real-time two-way data feed direct into their dialler they are able to reach out to potential new customers for their clients within minutes of them registering their interest. This leads to higher conversion rates but also stronger relationships with their client’s brand meaning a higher percentage of repeat business. The two-way feed not only means RSVP is able to speak to potential new customers as quickly as possible but also allows for real-time campaign reporting leading to data optimisation. 

RSVP's New Customer Acquisition Service

RSVP is a customer acquisition agency that offers its customers the choice. This is very important in this day and age. RSVP’s technology and varying uses of client acquisition channels mean they will analyse a client’s potential campaign and product and give them a marketing strategy that will get the best possible return. RSVP can offer varying commercial models making this a low-risk investment for our clients. Minimal set-up costs and often pay per click, pay per lead and pay per acquisition models are used. This takes the risk away from their clients and put the onus on RSVP to prove their concept, strategy and deliver the results their clients need. RSVP can have dedicated landing pages created for their clients if they are to use the digital aspects of the client acquisition journey, which will be on brand and then owned by the client to use again themselves if they so wish to. 

How will it benefit you?

Using RSVP to acquire new customers is beneficial in many different ways. Clients can firstly test their campaign with low risk and minimal outlay. The media channels RSVP work across and the two-way feedback loop they have in place acts as a test bed for their clients to test different campaigns. RSVP will quickly tell them which is the best marketing route to take and the best marketing campaign to use for them. RSVP is then able to very quickly turn the higher performing channels up so even the initial test outlay is maximized and clients see great results. Once this has been done being able to increase the volume of new customer acquisition is very easy and they are able to increase lead volume very quickly and acquire new customers. 


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