What is Campaign Testing?

Campaign testing is an integral part of business development. Whilst RSVP can create and design campaigns to specifically meet all your requirements, we are also happy to test campaigns out – working to either test and prove a concept for the very first time or refine an existing campaign that requires some fine-tuning to fully achieve its potential. This can be done on any size and scale that a client determines and can be done over a short or long period of time. In addition RSVP can carry out ongoing and continuous background campaign testing or alternatively run seasonal campaign testing as and when market forces dictate.

RSVP can use our own systems to capture outcomes and provide learning from your campaign. From sales performance to customer satisfaction levels, plus determination of optimal campaign activity times, RSVP has a comprehensive testing service that examines every variable of your campaign to draw conclusions that are informed by real statistical data and sound learning. With adaptable, intelligent and highly creative staff, RSVP are able to tailor different approaches for your campaign to determine a definitive best practice approach. Testing of script suggestions, marketing approaches and varied calls to action will ensure your campaign strategy is considered from every angle with the goal of fully understanding what will drive success and providing detailed and comprehensive analysis of the best course of action going forward.

RSVP's Campaign Testing Service

Campaign testing is used to determine how to deliver the most successful campaign, optimise the opportunities open to you and provide concrete statistical evidence to justify future business decisions. It essentially comes down to finding the best possible solution to every campaign variable and helping you to understand the motivating factors behind successful activity.

Testing is there to give you peace of mind that a concept works. This proof will give you the confidence that a campaign can be scaled up to full capacity with strong assurances and evidence that successful outcomes will be delivered. The learning from negative results in the campaign testing service is often just as pertinent as determining what works and in this respect the service is also there to demonstrate what reasons why a particular concept or idea is flawed – in a safe environment where costs can be controlled and minimised.

How will it benefit you?

Clients can use RSVP’s campaign testing services safe in the knowledge they are working in a secure environment. With RSVP’s technical proficiency, overheads for testing are kept to a minimum and clients can determine how long testing should run for and what data needs to be captured to make a fair and reasoned assessment of the campaign’s success. RSVP are happy to work to a campaign brief or proactively offer ways to develop and improve a campaign during the testing period. Ultimately, campaign testing at RSVP is done to a client’s schedule with every effort taken to minimize risk and cost and to provide coherent analysis that allows for a much greater clarity for future campaign decision-making.