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Inbound vs Outbound Sales; What is Best for Your Company?

Knowing where sales already come from, and finding opportunities to grow sales, is something every business should be doing. Do you know how your business performs in inbound vs outbound sales? Do you have strategies to corner even more of the market? Finding out where you’re doing well – and where there’s room for improvement – is your first step towards a winning marketing strategy. 

Inbound Sales vs Outbound: What’s the Difference?

You know that you have a good product. While you aren’t exactly sitting back and waiting for sales, your customers approach you when they’re ready to buy. It seems like an ideal situation since prospective buyers are definitely interested in your product, and making the sale is simply a matter of answering a few questions at most. 

Since you’d like even more sales of a similar nature, you might ask customers how they came to find your business. Perhaps you can make even more people with similar needs aware of your product through an advertising campaign, and maybe that will be all it takes to convince them to make a purchase. 

Sounds like you? You’re making the most of your inbound sales. People are approaching you, and all you have to do is create awareness and make it easy for them to buy. You may send out messages within your target market, but it’s always the buyer that makes the first move.

Now, let’s look at outbound sales. You know that your product can solve problems for people within your target market, but instead of waiting for them to contact you, you approach them. You talk to them about their pain points and how your product can help to make life easier. If you target your leads well, you may be addressing your ideal customers, and that’s likely to mean that you make sales you wouldn’t otherwise have gained. 

Are you finding ways to amass a database of contacts who have shown at least some degree of interest in your line of work? Do you follow up with mails, calls, or offers that will help you to gauge whether your product is right for them? As a result of these efforts, do you make sales? You’re practising outbound marketing and you’re getting outbound sales. 

Outbound vs Inbound Sales: What’s Right for Your Company?

If your response to whether outbound or inbound sales are right for your company was “All sales are good sales,” you may be nearer the truth than you may have realised. The only extra to add on to your conclusion may be acknowledgement that a sale is only “good” when the customer is satisfied with the purchase. 

Outbound sales may seem “pushy,” but if you target your market well, instead of just “cold calling” at random, you’re actually offering value. You’re going out of your way to offer people who need your services an opportunity to get them. A well-targeted lead is likely to be extremely interested in your products, and since you’re giving them information they honestly want, your sales effort is helpful and will be appreciated. If you want to start consciously implementing outbound marketing strategies, good lead generation and lead qualification are the basics that make outbound marketing work. 

Inbound sales are clearly the easiest type of sales to deal with. And since your success rate after initial contact is likely to be high, it’s worth working to maximise the quantity and quality of your inbound leads. But you shouldn’t stop there. You won’t know how many sales you’re missing out on till you try adding some outbound sales and marketing to the mix.

Remember Your First Pitch?

Back when you were running a hopeful startup, nobody knew who you were. If you wanted customers, it was up to you to go out and get them. You believed in what you were doing, and you found that persuading people to give it a try was easy because you had faith in yourself and your product. You were a master at spotting the right people to approach, and as a result, selling was easy. Can anyone else do what you did in those early days? 

The answer is: “Yes, if you can find the right people.” As your business grows, finding the right talent to take over tasks you once did yourself is key to your success. Think about the way in which you made those first sales. You had passion. You had conviction. You worked to understand the needs of the people you hoped to serve. Who could do that on your behalf? Surely, it must be someone quite exceptional!

RSVP: Because “Exceptional” is What We Do

If you’re looking for people who will do Outbound Sales and Inbound Customer Service your way, look no further! At RSVP, we’re passionate about your business – and every one of our operatives is a master of the art of communication. Talk to us about your lead generation, lead qualification, and outbound sales needs. Let us nurture your clients with the kind of service you’d be proud of. Allow us to identify the customers who were looking for you all along but who mightn’t otherwise have found you. Contact us today! We’ll do you proud! 


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