What is Bespoke System Integration?

RSVP’s bespoke system integration means a clients’ needs are taken into consideration before a campaign is even initialized. RSVP will look into what will make life easier for their clients and not themselves. Once again, at the heart of RSVP’s values is servicing their clients. Many clients, especially their sales clients, have their own systems that their internal teams process data or sales through. RSVP is able to integrate these systems with their own enabling internal reporting to remain consistent as the same systems are being used throughout the whole of their business. RSVP’s agents are trained to use these systems as if they were the client themselves. The bespoke system integration also means that RSVP can send emails or SMS as if they were the client, again, creating a seamless process and enabling RSVP to be an extension of their clients brand. Many clients have a data output that needs to be sent at the end of every call, day or week. This can also be integrated with RSVP’s system to automatically send back either in real-time or when they need it. RSVP’s system enables this to be sent in the exact format that they would use internally, again, creating that seamless process that makes life simpler for you.  


RSVP work directly with their clients and the team that may be responsible for reporting and internal processes. This will take place before a campaign will go live meaning a client’s needs are serviced before RSVP’s.  If a client needs data sent across to them in a certain way or even send RSVP data in a specific format, the flexibility of RSVP’s systems means they are able to seamlessly integrate a client’s way of working with theirs. This is very valuable to a client as any outsourcer should be seen as an extension of their own company which RSVP get right every time. 


The benefits to you are the processing of sales and data become seamless. The sales data RSVP collect can be captured into your own system so no extra work needs to be done and minimal set-up will be required from a client. Campaign set-up time can be reduced drastically and extra resourcing is rarely needed again keeping costs down and the management time on a campaign focused on making it a success. Clients can see sales stats real time as they will be processed through their own systems or they can have the data sent back to them real time as well. 


Keith, RSVP Campaign Manager

“All the systems we use are based around our clients and they all need to capture different pieces of information from one another. Using their system within our means we can work in the same way and environment they do. If we ever have to speak to them we both know exactly what we are talking about. ”

- Keith, Campaign Manager