What is a Social Media Lead Generation Platform?

The rapid rise of social media has meant the presence of your customer’s online, and more importantly, on sites such as Facebook has increased rapidly over the last 3 years too. The social media decade is upon us and RSVP have found customers are increasing their interactions over Social Media by the week. RSVP are able to use this to their advantage to strengthen any marketing campaign by generating highly targeted leads and customers that will want to engage with your brand without you even knowing so. RSVP use various algorithms across social media to analyze customer’s buying habits, time spent online, likes, dislikes, hobbies even what they do at the weekends! This allows RSVP to run campaigns at the optimum times in the day and week across the most engaged of customers to fit your brand and thus increasing leads generated, sales, repeat business and more importantly your ROI. 


Using RSVP’s Social Media Platform means RSVP can generate leads, customers and even just increase engagement with your brand by sending more potential customers to your pages or products. RSVP can use a variety of different campaigns that have the potential to outperform many other conventional marketing strategies. The state of the art technology that is used means that you pay for performance and each campaign is completely measurable enabling you to see each cost per action, cost per acquisition and cost per lead.


Social Media Lead Generation really is the next generation of marketing and it has yet to fulfil its full potential by many marketing companies. RSVP’s state of the art technology and award winning social media campaigns have meant that RSVP have upped the ante making running a social media lead generation campaign a necessity rather than a choice. Our clients benefit from no wastage of leads, real time customer interactions, increased customer satisfaction and an increase in ROI. Real time reporting from the platform also means you have a clear view of how each campaign is working and how RSVP is making a real time difference. Many clients feed-back that more conventional marketing channels do not allow you to have such a real time but also targeted view of the returns by which time it may be too late to make any differences. With RSVP’s social media lead generation campaigns you are able to make the choice to increase or decrease the potential of each one by seeing how they are performing against one another there and then. 


Keith, RSVP Campaign Manager

“The Social Media Lead Generation Campaigns have been a fresh air for us. We are speaking to highly targeted individuals who seem to have a very big interest in what we are calling about. This means the conversation’s we are having are of a higher quality and our sales have increased because of this too. ”

- Keith, RSVP Campaign Manager