What is Dialler & SMS Response?

Having comprehensive and effective dialing technology will make the difference between success and failure. RSVP’s dialer is one element of a fully integrated suite of telephony solutions that works seamlessly with CRM and reporting tools to deliver the maximum number of contact interactions. The RSVP dialer can function in numerous different operational modes, at its most efficient running countless algorithms to deliver predictive dialing that ensures a maximum customer contact rate whilst always remaining self-aware in relation to OfCom regulations around dialing.

With script-aware analysis on an agent-by-agent basis, calling opportunities are maximized to drive the best possible successful contact rate. The dialer intuitively understands the calling patterns of each individual agent using it and can adjust its performance parameters in relation to those individual expectations. Integrated call recording and screen input capture allow for campaign analysis and quality assurance programmes to be run alongside active campaigns.

Data can be sub-divided into an infinite number of dialing lists and each list can have its own automated operational hours and individual recycling rules. CLI display can also be specified and relevant weighting can be given to different data types to ensure even data penetration across sub-campaigns that make up a bigger campaign picture.


The dialer can be used to great effect for outbound telephony campaigns that require dialing efficiency and ease of agent use. If clients have large databases that need contacting, the RSVP dialer will be one of the most efficient ways to do this.

As the dialer is directly integrated with the CRM system, this allows it to be used for outbound telephony where customer data must first be imported and manipulated. A campaign can be sub-divided into as many smaller campaigns as a client wishes and each campaign can have its own dialer governing rules and parameters.


The fact that dialer is script aware and runs dialling calculations on an agent-by-agent basis ensures that campaigns are carried out as efficiently and expediently as possible. The direct integration with RSVP’s CRM system ensures that data captured from dialing is accurately collected and stored and this can be analyzed alongside 100% call recording.

Furthermore, allowing for sub-campaigns to have different dialing parameters such as recycling rules and active times, plus individual dialer weighting for each type of data means that complex multi-faceted campaigns can be readily prepared run simultaneously.


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