What is a Live Feed and Real Time Dashboard?

RSVP are able to generate SMS and Web Enquiries for a client that is fed into separate CRM’s real time. These allow for different campaigns to be run simultaneously. The responses are then handled by an agent within minutes of the lead being loaded. The customer is thinking about your brand and product in that instant so whilst they are making purchasing or buying decisions RSVP will follow up on this query. This provides a very neat and efficient service for the customer and is often the initial interaction they have had with the brand ever. To provide this level of service leaves customers with a great first time experience of a client’s brand. After every call RSVP record the outcome which is then fed-back to a real time dashboard. Clients have access to their own online dashboard showing how their campaign is progressing real time. Real Time dashboards are bespoke to the client and will show them the stats that they want displayed or feel are the KPI’s they want to measure real time. 


RSVP can provide their clients with a secure online dashboard so they can track the performance of every campaign and channel that they have live with RSVP. The dashboard is bespoke to the client and is created by RSVP’s in house team of developers that let the client know what they really want to know. Reporting templates are not used by RSVP as they know all clients’ needs are different. RSVP can also set up secure connections between their clients and themselves to pass data across to ensure all campaigns are maximized and any real time data is processed as soon as possible. The fresher the sales data and the quicker it is processed the better results it yields. 


Live data feeds and Real Time Dashboards keeps the client in complete control and in touch of their current campaigns. There is nothing worse than launching a campaign and waiting for updates via email as to how each channel is performing and if you would like more focus put on certain media channels. The live data feed connected to the real time dashboard also lets you keep an eye on your spend and campaign penetration. Total Leads generated and penetration rates are key KPI’s that are reported on the dashboard. Marketing spends and budget can be moved or assigned based on the real time reports and across the highest performing channel on any given day or week. There are no hidden surprises in regards to RSVP’s performance as you have access to the reports 24 hours a day. 


Burrow, RSVP Campaign Manager

“Whenever working on the live campaigns the real difference is seen with the engagement of the person on the other end of the phone. My job is made easier as I know they have been thinking about that product or brand only moments ago and then I am calling them back to speak to them about it. ”

- Burrow, Campaign Manager