What is Quality Assurance & Monitoring?

Quality Assurance technology combines a range of hardware and software solutions to accurately record data using client-determined parameters. Ensuring a continuously vigilant approach to all aspects of a campaign’s quality – from key performance metrics and data optimisation through to campaign operator skills and knowledge, RSVP systems are there to deliver quality campaigns through both automated and ad-hoc quality assurance protocols that determine best practice is always being delivered. The technology runs seamlessly in the background to campaign activity, ensuring client requested outcomes are given priority whilst delivering and ensuring a quality service in an unobtrusive and conspicuous manner.

Using RSVP’s CRM system ‘Synthesys’; all campaign interactions can be assessed for quality assurance purposes. The system monitors data engagement, technology performance, human interactions and campaign outcomes to provide detailed analysis of all activity and ensure that the quality required is always achieved. In addition, RSVP systems can ensure compliance in relation to relevant campaign regulations, meeting all the criteria determined by OfCom for telephony activities and upholding all the standards prescribed by the Data Protection Act of 1998. Quality Assurance and monitoring is driven by RSVP’s ‘100% compliance’ philosophy and systems are rigorously stress-tested to guarantee that quality is always assured, maintained and delivered in accordance with all campaign targets and priorities.


RSVP’s quality assurance and monitoring technology can be used to provide real-time, direct and transparent analysis of all aspects of a campaign. From campaign operator interactions to data protection regulations to system performance optimisation, there is no aspect of any campaign that cannot be both objectively and subjectively scrutinised in bespoke fashion to ensure that the quality of the service provided is always of paramount importance. This information can in turn be used to refine, hone or indeed overhaul completely the campaign activity – allowing quality of service to be the defining deliverable factor. By placing a central emphasis on quality assurance that underpins all the work we do, RSVP is able to consistently deliver the very best campaigns.


Quality is a watchword all clients want to see observed. RSVP’s systems ensure that monitoring is both comprehensive and complete, assessing and assuring all key areas of campaign activity in a real-time environment. Through technological innovation underpinning a real emphasis on accurate quality control, RSVP can deliver peace of mind that every campaign will deliver and uphold the very best standards. Ensuring that a client’s ideals and values are understood and upheld at all times, RSVP can replicate in-house quality assurance programmes to deliver like-for-like benchmarked services across every campaign.


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