What is Reporting & Performance?

RSVP’s Synthesys CRM system comes complete with a fully integrated reporting suite of technology, which can analyse and assess every key aspect of your campaign, from individual operator statistics through to data trend analysis and customer behaviour patterns – the technology is supportive of all aspects of performance management and KPI delivery, ensuring that reporting is accessible, clear and easy to interpret. 

The system is compatible with the latest version of Crystal Reports – allowing bespoke management information to be created and automated to suit any campaign’s requirements. Live real-time dashboards that track performance are also readily accessible to clients off site, giving unprecedented transparency to real-time performance reporting. With the ability to automate all communications between client and systems, RSVP are able to ensure both visibility and immediacy, allowing for continuous tracking and assessment. Data can be reported on via client determined media – with instant e-mail updates and MS Office integration ensuring that reporting is provided in a clear and easy-to-use medium. Intuitive CRM technology can analyse reported metrics and adjust parameters to optimize performance, delivering efficiencies and defining best operational practice for every campaign. The constant loop of reported feedback will shape and define campaign outcomes and drive successful and optimal results.


Reporting and performance management is used to determine the effectiveness of a campaign, or on a more granular level, ascertain the relevant facets of a campaign that drive its success. In being able to do so, RSVP can readily ascertain how to deliver improved performance and optimize results.

The suite of reporting options can be used to design specialized and client-subjective management information that can be accessed in numerous different ways. RSVP staff are also able to employ data analysis on a continuous on-going basis to ensure service levels are always adhered to and key performance indicators are always satisfied.


Effective reporting and performance management isn’t just about analysis, it’s about using the tools available to shape and define the campaign’s parameters and best practice. By creating a bespoke reporting package for each client determining salient campaign metrics, both RSVP and its clients are able to employ the relevant tools to a campaign to optimize performance. With total transparency around not just outcomes, but the campaign activity as well, an holistic view of the campaign’s performance can be readily garnered.

Effective performance management and reporting ensures the emphasis is always on campaign evolution, and the accumulation and aggregation of small optimal changes can drive significant overall improvements in outcomes.

RSVP’s clients are able to see with total clarity the results being achieved and also able to help determine operational changes that will readily enhance a campaign’s effectiveness and worth.


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