What is a CRM system?

RSVP utilise a fully integrated cutting-edge CRM system that provides effective database and list management, bespoke reporting, campaign creation and historical tracking of all customer interactions. Linked to SQL databases, all data management is via our software ‘Synthesys’ – provided to RSVP by Noetica. RSVP manage agent interaction, campaign creation, management information reporting, data importing and exporting and campaign team management via one wholly integrated system. The system can be manipulated to provide pertinent outcomes for each campaign, drawing on historical data and newly acquired information to make informed conclusions about customer behavior.

 Every interaction is captured, stored and can be reported on, to allow clients to gain an holistic oversight of campaign learning that informs and shapes all future interactions. The system allows for bespoke tailoring around data capture requirements, with modular elements that can be added with ease to all campaigns as and when they are required. This comprehensive package of CRM tools will provide detailed analytics that are campaign subjective in order to monitor performance and determine best practice for every individual campaign. CRM systems at RSVP are integral to providing the very best in innovative service delivery, ensuring all interactions are captured, collated and optimised for the very best performance.


CRM technology is used to create bespoke client campaigns that involve direct or indirect customer interaction. The system can import existing data into these campaigns, which in turn have been designed and specified to deliver pre-determined required outcomes. CRM systems are also used for team management, data manipulation, bespoke reporting and data exports. All are driven from the CRM system which captures all key customer interactions to provide clients with a unique and bespoke campaign tool that is flexible and adaptable to changing behavior.


RSVP’s CRM systems provide clients with their very own unique and personalized campaign tool – no one CRM model is the same. In addition, these models are flexible and adaptable, allowing for responsive system changes as and when required.

 Learning from campaigns can very easily be extrapolated to deliver detailed reports on customer behavior. This allows data to be analysed in a circular pattern of continuous feedback that can re-shape future customer interactions. This ensures that the customer is at the centre of every campaign, and that the relationship between client and customer is uniquely tailored for and accommodated.


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