What is Integrated Campaign Feedback?

Integrated Campaign Feedback ensures RSVP is able to monitor and maximize the potential of each campaign real-time. RSVP’s technology allows for each media channel to be monitored and analyzed allowing the agent time to be optimized on the best performing channels. This is integral to a campaign as a successful campaign is purely down to results. RSVP’s integrated campaign feedback enables a campaign to be worked at the optimum time of day by the optimum number of agents and the best performing agents. In return RSVP achieves the best contact rates and thus more sales and a higher conversion per hour. The final result for their clients is a higher ROI. 


Integrated Campaign Feedback is best used in a multi-channel environment. It works very well in a test scenario as well. RSVP can show you how each of your channels are performing and will then make the decision to focus more time across that channel. Using the integrated campaign feedback can also help you work a channel that has not been successful in the past. The Integrated campaign Feedback will quickly utilize algorithms that have been written to specialize the best performing agents on that campaign and at the best points in the day. It also then allows all of your marketing  channels to be worked along-side one another achieving the best possible results.  


Clients often do not know what marketing channel or strategy to use and RSVP’s Integrated Campaign Feedback can quickly decipher the best options whilst not suppressing results. What makes this great for you is that you do not have to worry about wastage of data and costs spiraling out of control whilst RSVP work out the best options for you. 



“The best thing about the integrated feedback is we get to see how campaigns we are working on are performing. Not only do we get to see how great we are performing but also if we need to increase performance on other campaigns too. This means we are able to get the best results overall across all the campaigns we work on. ”

- Aaron, Campaign Manager