What is Bespoke IVR & Call Routing?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides a method for callers to interact with technology that will help facilitate a degree of self-service to make subsequent direct person-to-person interactions more efficient. The technology works in an integrated fashion with other RSVP systems to help streamline and enhance inbound telephony practices. Callers can be segmented, initially using Direct-Dial-In telephony to identify the nature of the call and then direct that call to a particular call queue. Information can be collected via the IVR and presented to an operator in advance of a call’s connection, allowing for intuitive call handling in relation to the nature of the enquiry. The interactions with the IVR can be through the use of voice or dual tone multi-frequency signaling (touch-tone telephony) and the system is able to handle large volumes of calls simultaneously.

Call routing allows for different types of calls to be sent to different departments or sub-teams so that call traffic is directed effectively without the need for direct human intervention. This automation ensures callers are prioritized correctly and directed to relevant call-handlers. RSVP’s systems can display caller line identification and launch relevant systems for operators to use based solely on the call routing strategy employed.


Use of an IVR and call routing can be employed to provide call-type prioritisation. If a client has a particular call that requires more immediacy of response, RSVP can determine parameters based on Direct-Dial-In or IVR response that ensure the calls are put to the front of any given queue.

Additionally, information captured by IVR can be reported upon and provided as feedback to the client, allowing for greater insight into the call types that drive the activity. This allows for solutions to be implemented that both refine and enhance the service provided. After-call IVR technology can also be employed to determine customer satisfaction levels with the service RSVP provide, or provide out-of-hours call response and data capture.


The use of IVRs in high-volume contact centre work helps to reduce client costs and should enhance the customer journey. Use of call-routing determined through IVR responses or Direct-Dial-In telephony ensures that callers are expediently directed to an operator who can best handle a particular line of enquiry.

The IVR is there to enhance the customer journey and ensure that first contact resolution is of paramount importance. RSVP can utilise this technology to ensure a client’s customers are dealt with efficiently and that the right operators are always on-hand to provide the very best service. 


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