Automatic call distribution (ACD)

A telephone facility that manages incoming calls and handles them based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions

Average handle time (AHT)

The amount of time an Agent spends on a call including talk time plus after call work

Average order value (AOV)

It is the average pound amount spent for each customer order

Appointments per hour (APH)

The amount of appointments made per agent hour

Average speed of answer (ASA)

The average speed in seconds it takes for a live agent to answer a call

Business to business (B2B)

A campaign where calls are made from one business to another as opposed to a business to a consumer

Business to consumer (B2C)

A campaign where calls are made from a business to a member of the public (consumer)

Business continuity plan (BCP)

A plan to continue different levels of disaster affect operations if a place of business. Such a plan typically enables a business to recover its operations or move them to another location.

Calling line identity (CLI)

A number that is presented to a receiving party identifying who is calling them

Conversion rate (CR)

Customers converted to sale over sales opportunities

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

The average cost of acquiring leads or customers

Captured/completed per hour (CPH)

Includes non-DMCs i.e. never call, unobtainable

Cost per sale (CPS)

The fee charged to a client for each sale

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A database which details point of interactions with each customer as well as their contact information

Customer service representative (CSR)

A call centre employee who answers the phone. Also known as an agent or an advisor.

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

A way of connecting a telephone system to a database. Typically it allows a customer’s CRM record to pop on an agents screen when a call connects or an email is delivered

Data penetration

% of data completed

Direct dial inward (DDI)

A telephone number used to direct calls into a specific team or campaign

Decision maker contact (DMC)

A contact who is able to advise the caller if they are or are not interested in our reason for calling i.e. yes they are interested in buying a product or they are not

Decision maker contacts per hour (DMC/hr)

The amount of contacts defined under DMC that are spoken to each agent hour

Do not promote (DNP)

A flag to show a customer does not want marketing calls and/or emails

Data protection act (DPA)

The act regulates the use of ‘personal data’

Dials per hour (DPH)

The amount of dials made per hour including all outcomes i.e. answered, no answer, busy, answerphone etc.