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What is Digital Customer Experience?

Nowadays, an increasing amount of business is done online. But that doesn’t mean that customer experiences aren’t just as important as they are when doing business in person. The challenge you face is this: your customers should feel as engaged when dealing with you through online channels as they would if they were to meet you face to face. 

Digital customer experience should never feel impersonal. But how can you achieve a great reputation for service when you’re working with customers you may never meet? It’s not something you can do if you don’t have a digital customer experience strategy. Think it through. Plan carefully. Engineer those moments that wow your customers, even when they’re thousands of miles away. 

Need some tips? As digital customer experience management specialists, we’re ready to share strategies that work. Use these tips to earn your reputation as a business that digital customers love to work with.

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What You Need to Consider When Creating Great Digital Customer Experiences 

Offer Omnichannel Service

Customers reach out to the businesses they support across multiple channels. And some customers will use several channels in succession. They might call you over the phone one day, reach out on social media the next, and send you an email a few days later. And, regardless of the channel they chose, they want you to know where they’re coming from and what they’re driving at. 

If you only had a handful of customers, that might be easy to do, but if you’re serving a large customer base, you need advanced software to monitor and record customer journeys. Use it to make customers feel like important (and memorable) clients.

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Be Reachable, With Real People to Talk To

Have you ever searched a website for a contact point only to find that you have to browse help menus first? You want answers. You want them fast. If a business makes it difficult for you to reach them, you’re frustrated and angry by the time they offer you that option. And as for bots, they’re not as good as they might seem. Have you ever tried talking to one? More often than not, it’s an exercise in futility. Always offer an easy way for people to talk to your representatives. 

Make it Easy

Whatever your customers want from you, make it easy for them to get it. Whether it’s a matter of finding the right products on your website, getting in-person advice from an expert, or navigating the checkout, keep it simple. People shop online for convenience, so make the digital customer experience easy to enjoy. 

Personalise It

Isn’t it lovely when you walk into a shop and the assistant recognises you and knows your preferences from the start? Your online store should offer a personalised experience that’s even better than that. After all, you have technology on your side. Even if you have millions of customers, you should know that John or Jane Smith likes things done in a certain way. Turn them into a cypher, and you’ve lost that sense of engagement and along with it, their loyalty. 

Digital Customer Experience Journey Mapping

You’ve surely heard the old saying that you need to walk a mile in your customer’s moccasins before you can understand them. So, how do you get into those shoes, be they moccasins, sneakers, or Jimmy Choo heels?

Map the journey! From the first touchpoint to the last, every moment matters. Start by considering how customers find you online. Then, think about what happens next. Usually, it’s a landing page. Does it entice them into further exploration? And, if they dive in, will they easily find what they want? If they do, how’s your checkout experience? And what happens if they still have questions? Having made a purchase, are you still there for them? Map customer experiences to see how you can improve overall impressions. And remember, every touchpoint contributes towards that. 

Digital Customer Service Trends

People-centric design tops the list of digital customer service trends. It’s all about making things easier for people rather than showcasing technical brilliance at the cost of customer experience. 

AI is a top trend with this technology being used to understand and predict customer behaviour and interact with customers. But do be cautious about leaving everything up to automation and artificial intelligence. Research shows that 82 percent of people prefer in-person customer service options. 

Virtual reality offers customers immersive experiences, and experts believe that it will become a prominent feature of digital customer service in years to come. 

Augmented reality allows people to see how products will work for them in their real-world settings. For example, Ikea is already allowing customers to see how its furnishings will look in their own homes. 

The internet of things (IoT) may add a layer of convenience to future shopping. Stocks getting low? Your refrigerator might start ordering top-ups of basics you like to have handy at all times. 

Never Forget: People Still Want Personal Service

A word of caution, however: much as your clients will enjoy technological advances, there will always be times when they want to talk to a real person. You can certainly save a lot of time and effort with your automated customer service features, but people get frustrated when they want in-person service and can’t access that option.

As a smart business person, you know that the customer is king. But what can you do if you simply don’t have the capacity to treat them like royalty? After all, you have so many things on your plate that making a meal of customer experience might be more than you can manage. You might struggle to scale customer service to match fluctuating demand, for example. Or you may want to focus all your attention on new product development. 

If offering “real” service options feels like a drain on your time and resources, it may be time to outsource one-on-one customer service before your customers get the impression that they’re taking the back seat. Why not talk to us? RSVP is a London-based omnichannel communications company that offers you and your clients a best-in-class customer service solution. We have what it takes to help you build your reputation as a business that truly cares about its clients. Let’s talk about your customer service needs today.


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