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Beginning as an overflow line for Weightwatchers members to find their meetings, we grew in to the front line customer service team for the UK, for all phone and email enquiries. We also provided support for their National Health referral programme.
10 year working relationship

What we did


One of the largest global companies offering weight loss solutions and nutritional advice, Weightwatchers is available in 30 plus countries around the world, operating through local meetings and online services. They also sell food and weight monitoring aids both in large supermarket chains and through their telephone order line.



Initially RSVP was brought on board to handle overflow calls from an in-house team during campaign peaks. Due to a new product launch Weightwatchers needed a contact centre solution implemented quickly. Agents needed to understand the product in depth and be able to embody their brand values.

During our 10 year relationship, we provided a dedicated team to handle calls and e-mails, as well as handling in-depth consultations with patients calling on referral from the NHS.

Staff were required to have knowledge of a variety of different systems, including Weightwatchers own systems, accessed through a VPN web based platform. 



From being an ‘overflow’ centre, we became the first point of contact for all of Weightwatchers UK, scaling up dramatically during seasonal peaks. We acted as a ‘Benchmark for Contact Centre Implementation’ by Weightwatchers worldwide. The Key to success was understanding the specialised needs of their customers and adapting accordingly. A long serving team and a thorough understanding of the product and its users ensured that this was achieved. Training was of a length and thoroughness to that reflected the breadth of Weightwatchers products, ensuring understanding and call handling skills were excellent before continuing on to live calls and emails.

Extensive reporting was provided for calls and e-mails, alongside additional reporting to monitor service level agreements and quality assurance. Total transparency was key to the strength of our long running relationship with Weightwatchers



“We get a huge sense of achievement from knowing that we are helping people through their day. People are making lifestyle changes to improve the quality of their health and lives. You can’t underestimate the courage it takes to do that – it’s a journey and I really enjoy helping them on their way. We have a great team environment here and that really comes across to our customers”

- Louise, Customer Service Team Manager