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RSVP provided website support for pre and post sales enquiries. Orders generated on call were 30% higher than those who self served by the web due to cross selling opportunities being optimised during the call.
30 % increase in orders generated on call



As the UK’s leading Pet Retailer with over 240 stores across the country, Pets at Home sells a wide range of animals and pet products. The company also has a bespoke website service allowing customers to order pet food, products, housing solutions and various accessories for their pets.




Our dedicated customer service team handled all web service queries. This included all telephone activity coming from the website’s listed number and a 48-hour e-mail response to all e-mails sent through the website’s ‘Contact Us’ section.

These could be queries on help placing or tracking an order, damaged or faulty goods that needed to be replaced or refunded, and complaint management.

Key to success was a requirement to understand and operate a number of systems accurately and to be able to quickly interface and liaise with multiple courier companies and warehouses.

Pets at Home also trusted our agents with the authority for full refunds, through mutually developed and robust guidelines.

Also essential to this account, was understanding how important people’s pets were to them. Often, the calls could be emotional if the caller was concerned about their pet, and empathising with this was the first step towards a positive resolution.




Key to the successful relationship with Pets at Home was the faith they had in allowing RSVP agents to have access to full customer service procedures, ensuring an effective and efficient first contact resolution. Our agents had total control to refund and replace orders and to dispatch couriers to make deliveries and collections. This involved handling sensitive financial information and connecting securely to a number of 3rd party systems for logistical analysis and resolution.

RSVP set up a dedicated e-mail handling team to meet the SLA of a 48-hour response, and consistently handled all e-mails within 24 hours of receipt. The e-mail team also worked as an escalation platform for the dedicated phone team, giving guidance and advice and ensuring any queries that did need to be escalated were done so appropriately.

RSVP acted as the central hub through which all Pets at Home and 3rd party information was communicated and processed.

We oversaw the launch of their new website and developed measures for accurate reporting and analysis that went on to be used in-house by Pets at Home.


“Pets at Home sell such great products and I love making sure people get everything they wanted. When I helped sort out a failed delivery for a Christmas outfit for a customer’s dog, she sent us a thank you picture of her little pug dressed as an elf!”

- Gemma, Team Manager