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Insourced to their European headquarters in Slough, we provided inbound customer service and technical support for the UK. Within a dedicated team, we had specialist units who focused in on different technical areas to provide the highest standard of support across the board.
12 months time taken to outperform competitors

What we did



LG are in the global top 3 of their sector. They are responsible for delivering electronics (both brown and white goods) to the global market place. The UK is a major part of their business and is often seen as the launch pad of new and innovative products.




LG came to us to provide UK based high quality customer service to match their reputation as a quality manufacturer. RSVP were insourced to work within the clients European Headquarters. This allowed us to provide the client with instant feedback and trend analysis as we were based within their offices, something that had been lacking for some time.

One of the biggest challenges for RSVP was to re-create our ethos and company values within an area where performers and skilled workers were not in abundance. By adapting our business model and recruitment policy we were able to employ the most intelligent workforce available that was clearly needed for LG and the complexities of their products.

We created an environment were learning and training was key and had a technical support team as well as a customer service team; Both working closely together to help streamline processes and hit key KPI’s. Agents were encouraged to learn and retain technical information about all the products the client sold. RSVP chose to specialise agents and focus on their skills to give LG and their customers the most impressive and efficient technical knowledge base available. We had our own product showroom and internal training documents which were delivered to the agents by our dedicated technical and training manager. It was vital to have this dedicated role as the changes in technology meant new products were being released on a weekly basis.



RSVP was also able to harness the use of its parent site in the heart of London to provide additional support allowing the offices at LG’s headquarters to remain as productive as possible.

Our internal online help site was revolutionary and LG was keen to give their customers access to this, and often used our knowledge to upload information to their global site; something many businesses are relying upon more and more to streamline processes and ensure customers have 24 hour support.

Within 12 months RSVP helped LG outperform their major competitors in providing the best customer service and technical support at the highest level.



“You never stop learning when you work for LG – it’s so exciting to be at the cutting edge of technology and to be the person that can help consumers use their gadgets to the full!”

- Hiten, LG Insource Manager