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RSVP contact existing and previous customers of Laithwaites Wines, The Sunday Times Wine Club, British Airways Wine Club and more. With the relationship now in its 5th year, RSVP are now experts at offering a multitude of complex products to a vast and diverse customer base.
£6.1 million in sales in last financial year
£1.4 million in sales over 7 week period

The Client

Originally called 'Bordeaux Direct', the business had just five wines on the list and only 150 customers. In the 1970s they were the first merchants - of any nationality - to prospect and buy wine from the wine regions of southern France ... Bergerac, Duras, Cahors, Madiran, Gaillac, Minervois, Saint-Chinian and so on eastwards. Then came other countries; Rioja, Bulgarian Cabernet, even wines from Oz that were first shipped in 1974.

Now Direct Wines are the world’s leading direct selling wine business. They have has several trading identities. The wine market may be more familiar with - Laithwaites, The Sunday Times Wine Club, The Wall Street Journal Wine Club in the US and Wine People Australia. They offer a wide range of exclusive, high quality wines from all over the world’s major vineyard regions. They specialize in bringing wine direct to the consumer. By working closely with producers worldwide, and buying direct, they can develop authentic, interesting and affordable brands for their customers, bringing diversity of range and the flexibility in offers, at all price levels. They have a truly international portfolio (from 27 countries) with well over 2,000 different wines.

Direct Wines also originated the concept of 'Flying Winemakers'. Their own team of winemakers make handcrafted wines, working in wineries and regions wherever they feel there is an opportunity to create something different, innovative, and exciting.

Their wine development headquarters is the Chai au Quai in Castillon, a winery and warehouse just outside Bordeaux.

Services Provided

RSVP primarily contact existing and lapsed customers with our agents acting as official ‘Wine Advisors’, in order continue the customers engagement with the brand with either a conversation or purchase. These agents offer a variety of complex promotions. As the vast Direct Wines customer base contains all demographics, our agents are required to have extensive wine knowledge and exceptional interpersonal and phone skills. They are armed with a huge database of products and must build the relevant rapport with the customer in order to have a thorough conversation regarding the customers wine preferences.

With extensive experience of working in the Wine Industry, we also provide on-going consultation on customer profiling, marketing strategy and campaign development. The RSVP account manager provides detailed revenue forecasting, management information reports, and advises on campaign strategy.

With such a large customer base, Direct Wines require large fluctuations in team size – often due to seasonality. This could mean 10 agents per day on one month and 80 agents the next. The entire management team is W.S.E.T trained which is vital in getting new members of staff on brand and performing in a very quick time. RSVP’s ability to accommodate this fluctuation is vital to the Direct Wines business as we aid them to grow their business and exceed forecasts accordingly.


We are targeted on several key performance indicators – Sales to contacts %, average order value, contacts per hour and revenue per hour. Our agent’s skill and personality ensures the sales to contacts percentage and average order value metrics are healthy; and our sophisticated predictive dialer technology ensures our work is highly efficient.

Starting very small, our ability to exceed expectations has seen the partnership grow year on year, with the last annual results showing over £6.1 million worth of sales, up from £5.4 million the year before and £4.2million the year before that. This includes over £1.4 million worth of sales in a 7 week period. These figures go some way demonstrate RSVP’s ability to exceed expectations in order to ensure we are an integral part of their business.


“Working on the Direct Wines account has enabled me to discover a passion that I didn’t think I had. I love learning about wine and love speaking to customers who share my passion ”

- Nicola, Wine Sales Agent