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RSVP were called in to help with a balance transfer promotion that Barclaycard were offering people with outstanding credit card balances with other financial companies. We were tasked with moving these prospects to a credit card with preferential rate operated by this client.

What we did



With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclaycard operates in over 50 countries and employs 147,500 people. Moving, lending, investing and protecting money for customers and clients worldwide, they are one of the most recognised names in banking today.




We provided outbound calling, with the aim of bringing customers of other financial companies in to the Barclaycard family.

Through a competitive balance transfer promotion, we would move prospects with outstanding credit card balances to a credit card with preferential rate operated by Barclaycard.

To comply with FSA regulations, all the work was undertaken in an enclosed, secure space within our offices, with stringent security checks in place to ensure all related information remained highly confidential. 



Building rapport with a prospect was essential to making the transfer on these calls and the empathetic, charismatic nature of RSVP agents was ideal for this task. 

Our agents immersed themselves in the brand values of the client and developed a full understanding of the benefits of the product in order to sell these in a way that connected most deeply with the prospect’s needs. Once a transfer was agreed, a real time confirmation was immediately sent to our client to close the deal. 



“It’s great to be working with such a high quality brand on such a great product. It’s easy to sell something when you truly believe in the benefits.”

- Seb, Team Leader