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For AXA, we provided project based outbound work, contacting various data lists to sell private health care products. The calls involved approaching sensitive subject matter with the prospect, then matching their needs to the most suitable product to close the sale. RSVP offered an advised sale and was suitably FSA compliant in order to provide the service required.

What we did


One of the largest, most experienced private medical insurance providers in the UK, AXA have been helping people to access the medical care they need for over 70 years. As a member you can benefit from a network of over 250 hospitals and almost 400 scanning centres – all specially selected because of their quality and the range of services they can offer.



RSVP agents were fully trained in the range of products that they were selling, and sales technique was combined with this and the unique skills sets of our agents. RSVP agents are skilled communicators and excellent at finding a unique empathy with every prospect.

The calls were of a highly sensitive nature, and our agents were required to engage a prospect in what was often a distressing conversation, talking about personal and family medical history, including the three major killers in the UK; cancer, heart conditions and strokes. Once our agents had built a relationship with the prospect, they were able to move the discussion towards ways that AXA products could provide peace of mind, knowing that they and their loved ones would be protected should these things recur in their lives. Developing a relationship with the prospect in a short space of time was integral to closing a sale.  



Agents needed to be able to combine an empathetic tone with efficiency and sales technique in order to keep the prospect on board. So, we made sure that all agents were fully versed in the full range of AXA’s health care products to enable them to discuss each prospect’s full requirements and then close the sale matching the needs with the best-placed product available.

To comply with FSA regulations, all the work was undertaken in an enclosed, secure space within our offices, with stringent security checks in place to ensure all related information remained highly confidential.

All sales calls were monitored and assessed by our in house Quality Assurance team within 15 minute of the sale being made.





“Though working on the AXA account could be tough, it was also immensely rewarding. Listening to people’s experiences of going through a life threatening illness, or losing a loved one, was sometimes hard to hear. But when you found them the right care product, you really got the feeling that they were pleased you called”

- Christina, Sales Agent