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A dedicated customer service team for Avon representatives to place and track their orders for their direct-selling businesses. A core team was scaled up for increased activity surrounding targeted campaigns, promotions and seasonal peaks.



 Avon is a leading global beauty company that is founded on principles of empowering women to become financially independent business women. They are one of the most recognised beauty brands in the world. During 125 years of successful trading they have also branched out in to the areas of fashion and home. Now, more products carry this name than any other brand in the world.




We provided a customer service team to support the central ordering process for Avon representatives. They would call to place orders for their business, or to check on the progress of existing orders.

The dedicated team of agents were fully trained in the brand values of the company and were increased or decreased in number, in line with promotional or seasonal activity.

Agents were trained in sales techniques to complement their existing customer service skills in order to maximise opportunities in both inbound and outbound campaigns.




The service we provided needed to be a smooth process as the representatives depended on quick and reliable deliveries to grow their businesses.

We established a live link to Avon’s procurement system, allowing us to send real time orders to the warehouse to help meet the tight delivery SLAs.

High staff retention at RSVP meant that agents built strong rapport with the Avon representatives, through ongoing relationships and recurring orders, often having the pleasure of watching their businesses grow. These relationships left them ideally placed to encourage extra spend when promotions arose that the agent knew would be of interest.


“I love working with Avon! The reps are really friendly and you know you’ve done a good job in advising them on new products to buy when they come back in a week because they’ve sold out!”

- Emma, Team Leader