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Working with one of the UK’s leading providers of business solutions, rewards, and incentive programs, supplying frontline customer service for a wide variety of queries, dealing with both B2B and B2C customers.
90 % First contract resolution

What we did


Argos for Business is part of Home Retail Group, the UK’s leading home and general merchandise retailer.


 They are a leading provider of merchandise, incentive and motivation solutions for businesses and Public organisations throughout the UK.  Working across a range of sectors including FMCG, financial services, education, healthcare and social housing, Argos for Business has a range of market leading propositions that help clients to maximise performance, increase sales and make the most of their budgets. These range from Business Accounts to long-term reward and incentive programs.


 Their Business Account provides companies with a convenient way to manage their procurement process whilst benefitting from the value and choice that Argos for Business’ Group buying power affords them. Their rewards and incentive programs range from simple gift voucher provision through to bespoke packages designed to change behaviour, encourage loyalty and drive revenue. They have an international presence in Europe and the USA where they provide reward programs for major organisations in the retail and banking sectors.


As part of the service Argos for Business can provide for their clients, they offer the option of front line customer service to end users, whether they are employees or customers involved in long term incentives schemes or rewards for individuals.


 RSVP help to provide this front line customer service and the clients’ requirements are far reaching and complex.  Agents encounter a wide variety of queries and are required to learn and put into practice a vast amount of information. From call-to-call, an agent handles both B2B and B2C queries, speaking to a wide and varied demographic. We use a blend of RSVP and client systems to resolve 90% of all queries first time. There is a need for an agent to not only be the voice of Argos for Business, but also be the voice of their clients, depending on the call being handled.


When Argos for Business began working with RSVP years ago, we began with simple activation processes to load money on to cards and customer service queries for customers chasing orders. As their business has grown, so has the depth and complexity of work we undertake for them. This work includes registering members on their scheme, placing orders, chasing deliveries, arranging returns / refunds and also helping scheme members to engage with their incentive program to the full.


 We work continually with Argos for Business to grow our knowledge base so we can increase the types of work we do for them and, with a 90% first contact resolution rate to back us up, they are happy to provide us with increased access to their systems to continually help improve the customer journey and all round process.


“Working on this is a challenge. We have an online support file and a supportive team to help when we don’t know the answer immediately. The calls are so varied, it definitely keeps things interesting!”

- Hannah, Customer Service Agent

Argos for Business

“We enjoy a warm, friendly and proactive partnership with RSVP, we are confident in the service they deliver to our customers on our behalf and are proud to work closely with them”

- Lisa Goward, Client Service Manager Argos for Business