By now, if you have been browsing our website a while, you should have realised that RSVP is different. We only employ actors and other creatives, think you got what it takes?

Think you have what it takes?

We take pride in providing an excellent service to our clients and a supportive working environment for all our staff.

We expect commitment and a positive working attitude while you are here – an ethos you can easily transfer from the competitive world of the performance industry. As you know, you have to be the best to get the part!

As a performer you know that you have to work to get work!

We understand that you like to keep busy and at RSVP we like to be the same! Just like the research that you put in to a role, we get inside the mind of our clients to deliver the best possible product – we think we all work well together!

By using your natural talents as a performer, we know that you have the confidence to take control of a situation.

Allowing you to deliver the best possible solution for our clients and customers on the phone. If you can take centre stage in a performance in front of an audience, you can certainly engage a customer in a sales call!

Our clients expect us to reflect and promote their brand ..

So all agents must fully understand the product which they represent and communicate this with enthusiasm. It is your integrity as a performer that we draw on to deliver a premium service on every call.

Being performers, our call agents have the ability to follow a script if required but also to improvise!

We encourage you to build your own pitches around the framework we provide you. As a naturally creative person, in order to breathe life in to a pitch, sometimes we are able to allow you to adapt the needs of the client to your own personal style.

We expect all our staff to be clear and polite communicators with a professional phone manner.

Nobody likes a grouch on the phone and it won’t make business sense! So bring your bubbly self!

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Formed over 28 years ago, we have always maintained the same recruitment model.  Quite simply, we have only ever employed jobbing actors to man our phones! This has proved to be our golden ticket to recruitment success! We exclusively employ actors as our telemarketing agents and our supervisors, managers and even the directors are all ex-actors! We offer great rates of pay and full flexibility for you to pursue your chosen career!  We understand that your performing career comes first, which is why we over rota for every shift. This means that providing you give us confirmation that you are attending an audition, you can attend castings at a moment’s notice!  No really!  This means that we are happy, our clients are happy and most importantly for you – you are happy! And you may just nail that audition and get the gig!  In return we get a loyal work force that want to return to us time and again after performing jobs!  As well as a constantly buzzing and fantastic working environment, by joining us you will also instantly plug in to a whole network of other like-minded performers, with whom you can pool your creative resources. So come on, what are you waiting for!

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