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Posted on 30 June 2014 by

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Seeing as the World Cup has arrived, and we couldn’t afford to fly everyone out to Brazil to watch it, we wanted to mark the occasion in our Food and Wine Department!.


First off, every day we’re holding a ‘Match of the Day’ competition – each account gets a target, and the two that meet or exceed their target by the most go into a head to head penalty shootout for the Daily Prize!  As well as this, the team that wins the shootout the most times through the week is also getting the ‘Wines of the World Cup’ wine tasting every Friday for the duration of the competition, featuring wines, food and good times from all of the different qualifying countries


And lastly, we have taken one of our balconies, added some beach towels and beach chairs and created the stunning Copacabana Beach, complete with paddling pool! When the sun’s out, so are the agents! Nothing better than sunning yourself in the breeze when you need a quick, Brazil themed break from the phones!

Next stop - Wimbledon!