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Posted on 1 March 2018 by

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By Dan Booth


Something that doesn’t get mentioned enough in this blog, is our great Manchester office and its brilliant staff! One of our largest wine clients has activity in both our London and Manchester office, which gives us a little extra flexibility in terms of resource and dialling strategy. One of the main things to focus on when managing an account across two sites is uniformity in approach. One of the best ways to ensure this, is to send the London managers up to Manchester and give the same training and feedback, to both the managers and agents in Manchester. In February, myself and Jamie visited the Manchester office for three days, to ensure that everyone is still very much on the same page, but obviously we couldn’t leave the London office without plenty of wine to use as incentives. Do you think this is enough?

 Jamie 1

Training over several days can often lead to long hours, and as many of you will know, training can be a tiring task. So to counteract this as much as possible, we made sure that we did something every evening. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to inflata nation ( I have attached a photo of Jamie, moments before his assent to the inflatable assault course; don’t worry, he looks a lot less mean when he is training. I am pleased to say that Jamie completed the assault course, but I did have some feedback for him about how he could look to improve his time….


Jamie 2

Maintaing a good work/life balance is obviously imortant, and when your surrounded by such great collegues, that’s never a tough challenge.


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