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Posted on 26 February 2016


We often talk on this blog about the flexibility we give our actors really helps them in the career, but we thought it is about time you heard it from the horses mouth. Rich has been with RSVP for over 4 years and like all of us he started here on the phones. He now works with the recruitment team and he thought he would tell you his story.


I graduated from Drama School four and half years ago and pretty much started at RSVP before my graduation hat had hit the ground. I thought finding a job in London that offered consistent work that would still be understanding enough to offer the time off auditions would be a big ask, but as it turned out, one interview at RSVP and I was sorted!

That’s why I first came to RSVP, but it’s the atmosphere here that made me stay. I still act; typically I do touring theatre which can take me away from the office for a few months at a time, as well the odd short film, but I always come back.


Being in a working environment surrounded by actors and other creative people has always been a great help to me, as there is always someone around who’s in the same boat as you.  Someone who understands. When things are quiet there’s always someone to remind you why you decided to be an actor in the first place and why you put yourself through the uncertainty of a career in the arts. There’s always someone to help you laugh at an audition that went horribly wrong. There’s always someone to help keep driving you forward to succeed. In fact, there’re even people around that will help you land a job.


It’s easy to make friends at RSVP, but it’s also a great place to network day-to-day and get paid for being there at the same time! I remember one particular occasion I was talking to an actress who was sitting at the computer next to mine one day about an acting job that she had recently landed. It was a double-bill of Shakespeare performing in London and they were still looking for a couple of more cast members. One quick flash of my most earnest puppy dog eyes and my friend messaged the director with my CV and contact details. A couple of days later I auditioned and landed a role alongside my friend.


RSVP has kept me financially stable since I left Drama School, and kept my acting career from going from strength to strength at the same time. Four and a half years later, I can’t imagine doing any other day job between my acting work, and I will always keep coming back.

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