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Posted on 4 July 2016 by

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Courtesy of our guest blogger Hannah Wyre!


Yes, it’s Monday. It’s here again. DON’T PANIC - we have lots to be happy about here at RSVP…

Happy 4th of July!!

So, today brings the iconic celebration of Independence Day to all of our American friends!

4th july

On this day from 1776 and every year since then, Americans around the world have marked this prominent day when thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England – which led to the mighty formation of the United States.

Americans typically celebrate today with copious fireworks, barbecues, parties and lots of food and alcohol... Sounds great to us!

Time out have made a fantastic list of events happening around London today where those Americans away from home can go to party the day away and not miss out! (If you’re not American, still pop along, any excuse for American food and treats!)

From us here at RSVP, have a blast!

Well done Wales!!

What a fantastic game of football!!

Friday 1st of July we were all nervous and very intrigued as Wales walked on to the pitch ready to play against Belgium – hoping to reach the semi-finals of the Euros 2016. What a game it ended up being!

Wales played a screamer of a game and beat Belgium 3-1!

One of our Welsh agents here at RSVP, Ryan, tells us his reactions and feelings going forward in the competition.

“A lot of people were saying that we were a one man team (as though we only got through the competition due to Gareth Bale), however I feel we definitely proved them wrong! Very nervous for our semi – final match on Wednesday against Portugal, but excited too!”

To Ryan and all our other fellow Welsh agents, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you!!

Any Beyonce fans in the house?!

This weekend just gone, Wembley was graced with the presence of the ultimate pop queen Beyonce!

The legendary singer sang to a sold out stadium this Saturday and Sunday and quite a few people in our office were lucky enough to get tickets! (Including me!)

Lizzie, our Resource Planner, had the best time at the gig and said Beyonce was absolutely sensational! (Could not agree more!)

Watching the gig myself, Beyonce’s stamina was incredible as she went from singing several songs, breaking out into full dance routines, then back into another one of her huge ballads without a break or needing a drink of water – what a trooper!

Anybody else going watching Beyonce on her Formation World Tour, you’re in for a treat.


Well that’s all for today folks, but if anyone has been involved in any shows or collaborations with fellow RSVP’ers, please let us know so we can show you off!